Importance Of Underground Utility Survey

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An underground survey maps out the subsurface utility infrastructure. This article helps you to understand the importance of an underground utility survey and why you need it in the first place. For more information on this topic, read below.


There is a world beneath our feet that we often forget. But the world we are talking about is complex with cable connections, pipelines, and more. In fact, it is more complicated than finding the lost city of Atlantis. However, without the intricate underground infrastructure, our lives would have been entirely different. If an engineer is planning a construction site, there are various important aspects to consider.

Among those aspects, one of the most vital has to be conducting a proper underground inspection. It helps to analyze the subsurface infrastructure of pipes, drainage systems, sewers, and more. This allows the engineer to consider any environmental constraints during the planning. So, in this article, let us discuss everything about underground utility surveys and their importance.

What Is Underground Utility Survey?

An underground utility survey is a process of conducting an inspection to determine the location of various subsurface utilities. It helps to a comprehensive map for customers before planning any pipe repair or survey. The process also sheds light on any possible limitations regarding the execution of any project.

Mapping using the information collected from underground surveys saves planning time and reduces the estimated costs. For example, if you are to execute a main water cleaning, knowing the exact location of the utilities will help you with the cleaning plan.

Why do You need To Conduct An Underground Inspection?

Assessment Based On Desktop

These types of surveys are carried out before conducting the actual underground inspection. It helps identify the location of some unknown utilities. Desktop assessments also help when a person doesn’t want to conduct a complete utility survey. For example, someone wants to know the exact location of a pipeline that is buried underground. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) helps to detect non-metallic, metallic pipes and other objects beneath the surface. With a full GPR inspection, there will be no surprises anymore down the way. In addition, the GPR survey also reduces any chance of increasing the total costs and changing the planning along the way.

Utility Mapping

Utility mapping shows the exact utility infrastructure underneath the construction site. It is one of the most valuable methods to analyze the subsurface, which helps to reduce costs and planning time. So, if you are planning for a water main cleaning in your area, utility mapping is the most effective method to understand the underground scenario.

Importance Of CCTV Pipe Survey

After you have found the exact location of drainage pipes, it is time to analyze the current condition of those pipes. A CCTV pipe survey is the most efficient method to examine the pipes. In fact, CCTV surveys not only shed light on the current situation but also help to detect any blockage. Therefore, you can fix the problem before the actual construction.

Pipes are extremely vulnerable to ground subsidence. The situation can get even worse if you are working with heavy machinery. In case anything goes wrong, repairing the pipes without excavating is definitely a costly exercise. Moreover, the utilities that you are planning to use must undergo an extensive survey to ensure the pipeline is running. But with a CCTV pipe survey, the survey procedure can be performed at a low cost.

Final Words

Conducting an underground survey is one of the most effective methods to analyze the subsurface utility infrastructure. The infrastructure includes everything from pipes and cables to the drainage system and electrical lines. So, if you are considering conducting a pipe repair or cleaning, an underground survey can help you out with mapping the construction site.

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