HubSpot Onboarding

Getting started with Hubspot can be confusing. Luckily, there are resources to help you through the process. This article outlines the Checklist for onboarding and the Milestones. It also outlines the cost of the onboarding process. It also includes a few tips to make it a successful experience.

Process of Onboarding

During the onboarding process, your team will have several training sessions to learn about the tools and features of HubSpot. This includes the basics of navigating the platform, creating landing pages, and using forms to capture leads. After this training, your team will be equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully use HubSpot.

When your team is ready to start using HubSpot, they should first create a personal contact page in HubSpot. This will allow them to manage their activities and ask questions. As they work, they can seek help from HubSpot administrators and ask for help if they run into any problems. They can also make a HubSpot onboarding timeline so that they can become familiar with the system and its features.

After learning the basics of the HubSpot interface, they should begin to map out their nurturing process. This will help them automate their marketing plan.


Onboarding is a key process to maximizing the potential of HubSpot for your business. It involves setting up the software, training your team, and providing them with the necessary HubSpot assets. Using a checklist to ensure the proper setup of the software can make the process a breeze.

Before using the HubSpot platform, create a game plan for the onboarding process. Notify your entire company and appoint a lead to spearhead the project. Then, gather information about the platform and how to migrate existing data into the portal. If possible, use an integration tool to help automate deal creation, or even integrate with your social media accounts.

The onboarding process can take anywhere from three weeks to three months. This time period varies depending on your business’ needs. You may find that your needs are more immediate than others and require a quick implementation. In these situations, it might be better to hire a HubSpot partner agency.


As your team begins to use HubSpot CRM, it’s essential to set milestones. For instance, you may want to have your team log as many contacts as possible, and close more deals. Ideally, these milestones should be fun, but also help them learn how to use the CRM effectively. You can also set a prize for each milestone.

In addition, during your onboarding process, your team should be fully versed in using the HubSpot Sales Hub. That means learning how to create custom properties, segment data, and import data files. These tasks will help you customize HubSpot to your specific sales process. They also need to understand some core HubSpot features, such as workflows and sales automation.


The cost of HubSpot onboarding depends on the size and complexity of the company and the type of service required. For example, a small company may require administrative assistance while a large one will require a dedicated team member to help with the onboarding process. Depending on the type of service chosen, the team at HubSpot can offer webinars and round-the-clock technical support.

HubSpot onboarding is typically completed over several training sessions with an expert. The training sessions are meant to familiarize users with the different tools available and to provide them with the necessary assets. For example, imagine that an eCommerce business is looking to boost sales using the Sales Hub plan, but does not know much about the tool. Then, the onboarding process would help the business get the most out of the program.

Partner Agency Options

Whether you need help with onboarding your team members or have marketing projects, a Hubspot partner agency can help. Not only can these agencies help you set up and implement HubSpot, but they can also ensure that your portal is running as smoothly as possible. As a living piece of software, HubSpot can become cluttered and ineffective without help. These agencies can ensure that your portal is running smoothly and efficiently.

When choosing between a HubSpot partner agency, make sure to understand what each service offers. Some agencies will offer to onboard consult directly from HubSpot. Others will work with you to develop a customized plan based on your company’s needs.


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