Rockspace WiFi

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Some individuals just aren’t happy with the internet speeds their home routers provide, and such folks should look into Rockspace wireless range extenders. In today’s market, they are among the top networking hardware options. If you perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup in your house, you may use it to go online in areas where there is currently no signal. That’s fantastic, right?

Then, go on over to http /re.rockspace.local and read this page to learn more about how to proceed with the Rockspace extender setup.

Instructions for Installing a Rockspace Wireless Extender

Be wary of where your device is before beginning the Rockspace extender setup procedure. You should move it away from any other smart home gadgets (phones, washers, baby monitors, microwaves, etc.) before using it. The reason for this is because all of these home devices have the potential to wreak havoc with your device’s signals, rendering it useless or preventing you from using it for a wide variety of tasks. Additionally, avoid placing the device near any reflective surfaces such as mirrors or fish tanks.

Turn On the Repeater

  • First, find an available wall outlet.
  • Put it in close proximity to your router.
  • As soon as you find the extension, turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Are you finished with it as well? Now please be patient.

Keep in mind that the Rockspace extender setup procedure requires that your device be hooked into a working, damage-free wall outlet.

Connect the WiFi Devices

  • Get a hold of an Ethernet cable.
  • Try to find the Ethernet ports on the router and the extension.
  • Found? Connect the Ethernet cables to the appropriate openings now.
  • A wireless network may also be used to link your gadgets together.

Take care that your Ethernet cable is in perfect working order before you utilise it to connect your gadgets. In addition, you should make sure the cables are firmly inserted into their respective sockets.

Update an Internet Browser

  • Obtaining a computer is the next step after establishing a secure connection.
  • Which web browser do you use most often? Tumble it open.

Keep in mind that you may use whatever web browser you choose to configure your Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender. The only thing that counts is that it be kept up to date.

Access the Default URL

  • Look up at the top of the screen, where you’ll see an address bar.
  • To activate, click on it twice. Soon, the flickering cursor will become active.
  • That’s the cue to type in the address bar’s default setting.
  • Simply hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

Please be aware that many people have difficulties reaching the Rockspace extender through its default URL. Refer to the Rockspace WiFi extender manual if you want to be sure of the web address.

Perform Rockspace Login

  • Your browser should display the Rockspace sign in screen shortly.
  • At that point, you’ll have to provide your admin password and username.
  • In order to get access, please enter your username and password.
  • Select the Sign In option to enter your login details.

The next step will be outlined for you in a pop-up tutorial. Keep in mind that you can’t go to the wizard unless you have the right kind of admin permissions. Consequently, you must use accurate data.

Finally, you now know how to manually set up a Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender. In case you face any issues, perform factory default reset. To learn how to reset Rockspace WiFi extender, go to the manual.


When doing anything at all online, having access to a lightning-fast internet connection is crucial. Fortunately, the situation may be improved by having a Rockspace wireless range extender put in place. We trust that the aforementioned instructions helped you successfully install your Rockspace Wi-Fi range extender.

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