How To Repurposing Your Explainer Video

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How To Repurposing Your Explainer Video
How To Repurposing Your Explainer Video

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If you think you can only use explainer video once and then throw it away, let’s think again. Even animated commercial video as a digital marketing tool offers you more than a disposable media.

The reason why video is categorized as one of the most cost-effective methods is that it can be repurposed. Repurposing video refers to an attempt to reuse a video to go further and reach new audiences.

For example, from your previous video, take a certain point that you want to broaden. Then edit it into a new video by adding new information about the chosen part. You can also play along by taking different angels to create a new point of view.

However, repurposing video is not a piece of cake. It can perform maximally only if it is executed correctly. Here is a list of how to repurpose your explainer video.

The first step to repurposing a video is to dig into your most popular video. Those videos that got the most views are likely to raise curiosity. This works best for evergreen content, which stays “fresh” and still relevant for audiences over a long period of time.

Highlight certain parts where you want to add more information. You can make new videos from the chosen parts and turn them into fresh content. To make new videos, you can either add information or try to convey a new point of view.

Be Mindful about Which Platform to Post

When you are repurposing a video, be mindful of the platforms you want to publish next. You might want to make a professional-looking video for Linked In but a lively one for social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Repurposing is more than copy-and-pasting your previous content. Yet, to go beyond that with freshly made content and new information. Also, be mindful of the style; of course, you don’t want to post a landscape video on Instagram, do you?

Repurpose in Different Format

Although most human beings are categorized as audio-visual learners, doesn’t merely other types of learners don’t exist. There are also many people who prefer to read or listen.

That is the gap to fill in. You can repurpose your explainer video into other formats. For example, creating infographics or turning them into a podcast. 

When videos go well on YouTube, infographics are suitable for Pinterest, and podcasts suit best for music-related platforms. This way, your content travels far beyond platforms to meet more new audiences. 

Write a Blog

Repurposing videos can also be done in a written format. You can write a blog that is inspired by the video. You can add more information that you feel is important since videos tend to be short.

You can place the video on your blog post and then share it through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other different social media as you wish.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are two things that need to be taken into account when repurposing video. First is not to assume every media channel shares the same audience. The way you make a video should match visitors’ preferences.

Another thing is not too focused on the old video unless it is evergreen content. Try not to go too far back because out-of-date content is not going to do much.

Last Thought

Repurposing an explanation video –or video in general, is an act to maximize your content’s reach. One of the keys to successfully repurposing a video is to know your nuance and be creative with it. Try your best to not miss any gap and go with every little possibility.

When you know what to do, then start making your plan. Whether you make a new video or change it into different formats, you still need a well-structured strategy to execute it. Act and work as hard as to make a whole new video.

Nonetheless, creating content by repurposing video requires effort but gives many advantages. Besides it being cost-effective, you can also reach new audiences and reach goals faster.

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