Stinky Smell

Some smells are common in all homes. However, some houses have a worse odor than others. Do not worry if your house does not fall in the better category. There is no need to be ashamed because a stinky home is not your fault. Homeowners can manage the weird stinky smell in a million ways by cleaning home. The house you have seen many tenants, sheltered many pets, hosted several meals, and weather a lot of toilet flushes. 

Wooden furniture, walls, and carpets absorb the smell like a sponge. All the weird plumbing attachments are also an addition to this. You can contact home cleaning services in Hyderabad to tackle all this mess. Here we present five easy steps to prevent a home from a stinky smell. 

1.   How to make your kitchen smell good? 

The kitchen comes at first position while cleaning home. The smells depend on what is being cooked, spilled, what is rotting in the dustbin, and more. By making some arrangements in the pipes and drains, you can neutralize the smells in your kitchen. 

  • Investigate if the dishwasher in your kitchen smells bad. Do not forget to clean the dishwasher occasionally while cleaning home. Wash it according to instructions given in the user manual. 
  • Leftover food kept in the fridge can yield a stinky smell. Coffee grounds can absorb this smell. But you still have to throw away the rotten food every alternative day. 
  • Instead of coffee, you can also use a cotton ball soaked with vanilla extract in the freezer or fridge. 
  • Grind up citrus peels in the trash bin to clean out the disposal and ensure delicious citrus scents throughout the kitchen. 
  • Pour boiling water down the drain if you want to get rid of stinky smells from the sink. This trick will work when you do not have a garbage disposal. Use water that is left after the kitchen chores to save resources. 
  • Simmer aromatic ingredients like herbs, citrus peels, and spices on the stove. Their scent is strong enough to eliminate the stinky smell. 
  • To make the kitchen smell heavenly, bake spices at a low temperature in the oven. The toasted spices will taste richer and nuttier. 
  • While cleaning home, sprinkle some baking soda in the trash can. It will neutralize all the foul smells coming from the kitchen corners. 
  • You can remove the smell from the oven by microwaving a couple of tablespoons of vanilla extract in a mug for half a minute. 

2.   How to make your bathroom smell good? 

Bathrooms can get stinky sometimes. Luckily, these rooms have windows or exhaust fans to get rid of man-made and other odors. It makes removing the smell from the bathroom while cleaning home hassle-free than the kitchen. Do you want to make your bathroom smell like a spa? Bring eucalyptus branches and hang them from the showerhead. The heat generated while taking a hot water bath will release oils in the eucalyptus. This scent will spread throughout the bathroom and make you feel fresher after the bath. 

3.   How to make the living room smell good while cleaning home? 

The next part on the list while cleaning  home is the living room. It is the place where we spend the most amount of time in the house. We watch television there, kids play in the room and do many activities. You even bring the guests in there, and you surely do not want to make them sit in a stinky place. 

Here are some tips to remove stinky air and weird pet smells from the rooms:

  • When you vacuum while cleaning home, it can send out a stinky odor. To eliminate this, soak a cotton ball in a couple of drops of essential oils and put it in the vacuum bag. It will transform vacuuming into a scent-infused experience. 
  • Do not forget the carpet, as it acts as the biggest smell absorber. They tend to capture stinky smells, and you need to deodorize them regularly to combat odors of sweat, pet dander, smoke, pet pee, and mildew. Some methods of neutralizing pet odors are baking soda, white vinegar, humidifiers, and club soda. 
  • Open the window and let some fresh breeze come in. This tip depends on the weather outside. 
  • After cleaning home, light a candle. It is also an effective way of masking the stinky smells in your home. 
  • Spraying a room refresher should be an everyday task. You can also burn a fragmented incense stick in the morning or evening to make the room smell great. 
  • Put a few drops of essential oils in a diffuser and get a customized odor in your bedroom. 

4.   How to get rid of the smell from hallways and entryways? 

You should never forget the hallways and entryways while cleaning home. 

  • Check out the shoe rack if the hallway is smelling stinky. It may be time to deodorize the shoes as well as the rack. Wash the cloth shoes and wipe the others with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. 
  • Every time you change the air conditioner filter, do not forget to add a few drops of essential oils to it. This way, the AC will send natural aromas to the house with cool air. 
  • You can also do the same with the filter of the furnace. This way, you can enjoy the mood-lifting aroma of essential oils in all seasons and not just in summer. 
  • You can cut the fresh paint smell by adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the paint. Add a few drops to the paint cans and then proceed normally. 
  • Use vinegar while cleaning home because it is a natural deodorizer. The sour vinegar will go away after washing, so no need to worry. 

5.   How to make your bedroom smell good? 

You spend huge time in the bedroom and so do not forget it while cleaning home. You may unintentionally stink up the place by sneezing, snoring, and drooling. It may also get a stinky smell by the morning breath you generate every day. 

  • Put dryer sheets in all cabinets and drawers in all the rooms. It will give a freshly washed laundry aroma all day long. 
  • Do not keep dirty clothes in the wardrobe for too long. If they seem too stinky or musty, sprinkle some clear and unflavoured vodka in a spray bottle. Clean all the clothes in this manner. As the alcohol will evaporate from the clothes, it will lift all the bad smells from the clothes. 

Final Thoughts

Professional house cleaning services in Hyderabad use all the above tips and tricks to help their clients eliminate the smells from their houses. Follow these easy steps to make sure your house smells fresh and get outstanding comments from the visitors. 

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