Bed and Breakfast

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Finding unique business investments can lead you to a position that you will love for years to come. If you enjoy entertaining people while maintaining the property that you own and preparing home-cooked meals for your guests, you may consider starting your own hospitality company. Here are a few steps on how to open a bed and breakfast.

Find the Right Place For Your Bed and Breakfast

Evaluate the community where you want to open your business. If you are looking in an area that already has multiple lodging, you may miss serving customers who choose a less expensive option. Consider finding a rural town to open your bed and breakfast. This provides you with the opportunity to incorporate the agriculture around you into your company, just like Stefan Soloviev has done. Talk with the farmers in that place about purchasing their products and other products to use in your kitchen. You can also collaborate with other organizations around you to supply your inn. This will give your B&B a local flair as well as assist you in supporting your new neighbors.

Shop For a Piece of Property

Once you have selected an area to open your business in, reach out to a real estate agent to assist you in finding the right place for your bed and breakfast. While you could construct a structure to your specifications, choosing a house already in the community will add to the character of your company. Determine how many rooms you want to host as well as the size of the kitchen you will need to prepare meals in. When the agent finds a home for sale that meets your requirements, set aside time to tour it to see if it will work for you. Keep in mind that you will have to rezone the parcel of land to keep in line with that town’s regulations. You will want to address this with the city government before you put any money down on the building. 

Apply For Certification Before You Open

To prepare food for others as well as operate a business in the state that you are in, you must be licensed and obtain other certifications. Research which ones you will need and apply for them. Give yourself several weeks before you intend to open. This provides adequate time for the paperwork to be processed and the approval to be sent to you.

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