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Users all around the world agree that Netgear Nighthawk routers are the greatest networking devices now available. To take their advantage, all you need to do is, perform Netgear Nighthawk setup. Many, though, have griped about experiencing difficulties with their wireless device. One such problem is that your Netgear router often loses connection. Don’t stress if you’re having problems with your home network, too. We’re happy to provide a hand. The problem may be fixed by following the suggestions in this thread.

[Fix] Netgear Router Keeps Disconnecting Issue

  1. Power Cycle the Router

Rebooting your Netgear Nighthawk router should be tried before giving any other troubleshooting hack any consideration. How to reboot your electronic device:

  • The Netgear router must be disconnected from the presently used modem.
  • Stop using the router and disconnect it from the wall.
  • Currently, you must wait.
  • Connect the router to the wall again and turn it on.
  • You should reconnect your Netgear Nighthawk to your current modem.

Try to access the Netgear Nighthawk router login page and see whether the problem with your Netgear router often losing connection has been fixed. If that isn’t the case, go to the next troubleshooting step.

  1. Verify the Ethernet Connection

Keep an eye on the Ethernet wire that runs from your Netgear Nighthawk router to the modem. Do you think it’s broken? Is there damage to it that you can, see? If any of these conditions apply to your cable, it is time for an upgrade.

In addition, double-check that the cable connecting your Netgear Nighthawk router and modem is tight.

  1. Pull the Devices Closer

In the last section, we discussed why a stable connection between your Netgear Nighthawk router and your current modem is so crucial. The importance of their physical separation will be discussed here.

Your router and modem will have trouble communicating effectively if there is too much space between them. That’s why it’s important to keep your devices near together.

  1. Stay Clear of Signal Interference

Keep your modem and Netgear Nighthawk router away from metal objects like aluminium studs, corners, water containers, and concrete walls. This also applies to other common wireless signal disruptors like cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, treadmills, TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves.

  1. Update the Netgear Firmware

The Netgear router keeps disconnecting problem may be fixed by updating the router’s firmware. So, read on to find out how to get the most recent firmware for your device by following the instructions provided:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Launch your web browser.
  • Enter the browser’s default web address into the address box and press Enter.
  • Follow the link to access the Netgear router’s login page, and then enter the username and password you were given.
  • To sign in, choose that option.
  • Access the Preferences panel by clicking the Settings button.
  • In the menu that appears, choose Maintenance.
  • Choose to Upgrade Firmware.

It’s worth noting that the Netgear Nighthawk app may be used to upgrade the router’s firmware.

  1. Reset Your Netgear Router

If you have tried the above solutions and your Netgear router still continues dropping connections, a factory reset may be your only option.

  • To return your gadget to its original settings, follow these steps:
  • Seek for the Reset button on your Netgear Nighthawk router.
  • Once located, it should be gently pressed.
  • Please hold on for just a little longer.

After resetting your Netgear wireless router to its factory settings, you will need to re-configure it by downloading the Netgear Nighthawk app for PC.

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