Contacts From Outlook OST Files

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Frequent Methods to Extract Contacts From Outlook OST Files 

On this blog page, we will let users understand the methods to extract contacts from Outlook OST files. We are elaborating on the manual and the automatic tool method for extracting contacts. However, the manual approach uses the import/export option to excrete contacts from OST files. On the other hand, the tool method is reliable for orphaned and inaccessible OST files.

Outlook obtains the OST data file (Offline Outlook Data) on your system as a clone of the exchange server. Users can access the data even when they are out of connectivity with the help of the OST files. We know the OST file contains contacts, calendars, and emails. So if users need to extract the contacts from the OST file, they need to convert Outlook files to a portable format. This post will help you with the conversion. So let’s continue with the blog.

Manual Method Using the Import/Export Wizard 

Microsoft Outlook allows you to convert PST to CSV format with the inbuilt feature of the Import/Export wizard. So we will suggest using the import/export wizard approach to extract contacts from Outlook OST files.

Launch Outlook and hit on the File tab.

Then select Open & Export, and click on Import/Export.

The dialog box of the Import and Export Wizard will appear. Then select the option to import from another program or file, and click Next.

Then hit on Export to a File option from the Import option 

Choose the Comma Separated Values from the dialog box and click Next.

Select the Contacts folder that appears in the Export Outlook Data File dialog box, then click Next.

After that, browser the location where you desire to save.

Note: Choose one of the three options before clicking “Finish’ the tab:

  • Replace duplicates with items exported from

You can create a password-protected PST file. create a password, and type ‘password’ in the ‘Password’ field. And hit OK.

Now the CSV file is saved in the location you selected.

The question is when the OST file is inaccessible and orphaned. This manual method is not helpful. So in this scenario, the user needs to choose the third-party solution method by Freesoftvare.

Use Freesoftvare Converter Software.

OST to PST converter tool is the best utility on the internet, among other tools. It is simple to use and dependable. Because of its user-friendly features, anyone can use this software. This tool is capable of extracting contacts from the OST file from Outlook even when it is inaccessible and orphaned.

Let’s Track the Steps of Extract Contacts From Outlook OST Files

Step 1: Download and install a free OST to PST converter software.

Step 2: Next, navigate through the OST file using the tool panel.

Step 3: Drag and drop the database files of the OST file into the application panel.

Step 4: Choose the CSV button and Hit the export button.

Step 5: Save the output file after converting the file into CSV format.


In conclusion, if users require to extract contacts from Outlook OST files, then they should choose the manual method described in this article. It will work properly, but it has some limitations. The native solution cannot work on the OST files that are not accessible. Outlook cannot be oped, orphaned, or is not connected to the server. In certain phases, users should choose an alternate solution. The OST to PST converter software is also for novice users. the tool can quickly extract the contacts from the OST file by following some easy steps. It supports all versions of Outlook.

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