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Are you looking to determine the best way to mix and match your jewelry for various events and scenarios to suit your sense of style that make you feel good?

We’re here to help you get started mixing and matching jewelry like a pro with our top suggestions.

Let’s have a look at what’s available.

Select a Place To Start

Begin by deciding on a major piece of jewelry to wear for a specific event or with a particular dress. Accessorize from here.

You have two choices: 

  • First, an item that will blend in with the other pieces you’ll mix and match it with, or 
  • Second, a more statement piece will stand out as the focal point when you’re finished.

Jewelry Layering

When layering jewelry, it’s best to focus on one part of the body. Layering bracelets, necklaces, and rings in your focus point, whether your neck, wrists, or fingers, is a great way to showcase your statement. 

Consider layering different necklaces if a necklace is your starting point. Choose varied lengths of wholesale silver handmade necklaces when layering them to pull the eye up to your face. Layered necklaces frequently work nicely with various forms, hues, and textures.

Starting with a ring, layer on your fingers or wrist on the same hand.

That doesn’t reduce the possibility of wearing small jewelry pieces elsewhere on your body, but keep them minimal, so they don’t distract from your focal point.

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Wearing a jumble of similar bracelets, such as a set of bangles with varied designs or colors that jingle as you walk, is a good option. Alternatively, select one striking piece and combine it with a range of more subdued motifs in the shape of a bracelet or a bangle.

Layered necklaces come in various lengths, ranging from chokers to operas. Choose a number between (3 or 5 is ideal) for necklaces with varying or adjustable lengths, but 2 necklaces can still be effective. Wear necklaces with different forms, hues, and textures. Choose a focal point that stands out, and the rest of the pieces will be more subdued.

Dressed in a Mixed Jewelry Suit

Assume you won’t be wearing any jewelry layers. In that scenario, you can wear various necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and handmade silver gemstone ring that complement and clash, or whatever work with your ensemble.

Do You Need to Wear Jewelry That Goes With Your Outfit?

Feel Free to Be Matchy-matchy.

Wear matching jewelry sets with the same or very similar design for earrings, necklaces, rings, and other accessories if you wish to wear a suit of complementing pieces.

Wearing matching pieces was formerly frowned upon, but those days are long gone. When it makes sense for you, I believe you should wear matching jewelry pieces. Wearing a matching set of jewelry, for instance, can be elegant for more formal situations, but it can also be informal.

Also, Don’t Be Worried if You Don’t Match

Wearing elements that clash may work for you and your ensemble, so give it a try in front of the mirror. Experiment with different colors, metals, shapes, and design aesthetics to see what works with your clothing.

If clashing isn’t your thing or won’t work for the occasion, pick similar but not identical pieces. Our flower and amulets collections are also ideal because you can mix and match patterns of comparable size and appeal.

Do Not Be Afraid to Mix Metals

Mixing silver, gold, and rose gold metal colors used to be frowned upon, but we’re big admirers now.

You can wear different metals even if you opt for a more modest mixed and matched look.

Assembling Everything

It’s time to start experimenting with putting your outfit together once you’ve settled on a piece of jewelry as your starting point, whether you’ll be layering one part of the body or not, and how matchy-matchy or otherwise you’d like to be.