Hair and Nail Supplements

People always look for the quickest and easiest way to improve their appearance. A common question I get asked is how long it takes for hair, skin and nail supplements to work. The answer may surprise you – it depends on the person and the product.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how long you can expect to see results from taking hair and nail supplements.

How Long Do Supplements Take to Work for Your Hair?

Most hair and nail supplements contain vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair growth. However, they only take effect if they’re used consistently.

The time it takes supplements to work depends on your hair type and the supplement you’re using. Generally speaking, this will depend on what type of supplement you’re using:

Oily hair: hair supplements for oily hair generally work best when used regularly for at least six weeks.

Normal or dry hair: most hair supplements for dry or normal-to-medium-thick hair will take effect after two or three months of use.

Thick or coarse hair: these supplements can take longer to see results than other types because they require more frequent use. You may need to use them twice a day for about six months before seeing any changes in your hair texture or coloration.

How Long Will It Take for Vitamin Supplements to Help My Nails

It generally takes around three months for hair and nail supplements to take effect.

The first weeks of taking the supplement are critical, as you’re still digesting it and getting used to its taste and texture. You’ll notice a difference in your nails after about two weeks, but it can take another two to three weeks before you start to see the full effects.

How Long Do Supplements Take to Help My Skin?

How long it takes for your skin to reap the benefits of supplements depends on how long it takes to exfoliate. It’s important to remember that even if you’ve been supplementing for a few weeks, your skin may not be ready to reap the benefits right away. So don’t give up hope! With patience and a little help from skin supplements, you’ll be able to see consistent results in no time.

But The rough time it takes for our skin to replace itself is contingent on where we are in life:

Teenagers (under 21) can expect to improve their skin significantly over 3-4 months.

Young adults (21-35) expect to improve their skin significantly over 6-8 months.

Mature adults (36+) can expect significant improvement in their skin over 12+ months.

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