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You are unaware of the process about how to update QuickBooks to the most recent version available? Updating the application is critical for good operation; otherwise, it can cause many mistakes and malfunctioning of the system, as well as your connection to company data and payroll lists. QuickBooks is a multi-featured software that may be used by numerous desktops at different locations to access similar corporate file information.

However, if one of the computers lacks a correct QuickBooks desktop upgrade, it may result in certain important issues that harm your company file and future processing in this application. So, we’ll go over how to find out what version is running on your system and how to upgrade QuickBooks to the most recent version. Continue reading!

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Benefits of New Updates

New upgrades often bring new features that might improve the efficiency and convenience of use of the QuickBooks desktop.
Many flaws and bugs from the prior QuickBooks desktop edition are also eliminated with the update.
If there is an error in your QuickBooks program, installing the new version will also eliminate the majority of the errors that individuals commonly see while working on this platform.

How to Determine QuickBooks Desktop’s Current Version

There are two simple ways to manually check the current version of QuickBooks.

First, launch the application and press Control + 1 or F2 to see information about the product currently running on your system. Check the most recent version release date, license certificate, and Version Type. So you can tell the difference between the two versions, and if you have an older version, you may start the updating process.

Quick Methods for Updating QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Version

Check out these methods for updating your QuickBooks desktop to the most recent version:

First Method: Download Release

If you are having problems with QuickBooks’s updating feature or if you do not want to use it. You can install the new update over the previous version by downloading it directly from the internet. It will automatically rewrite the older version to the new version by updating QuickBooks Desktop as a whole.

If you use QuickBooks premium or pro, you can share a company across numerous desktops. In this instance, all systems that have your company file should download the latest version. In order to keep the record and the QuickBooks software running properly.

  • Open your company file in QuickBooks to update all of the QuickBooks desktops.
  • You’ll discover the help option on the top menu bar, where you may move the pointer to the Update QuickBooks desktop.
  • You must now select the options selection.
  • To update information on all machines where your company file is active, move your cursor to the Share option.
  • Finish sending the message by selecting the Yes box, and a reminder will be sent to all machines that have QuickBooks desktops.

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The second method is to manually update QuickBooks.

The next step is to close all QuickBooks desktops that are running in the background, as well as all company files.

You can use the task manager to close all QuickBooks desktops that are running in the background.

  • Hold down the Control + Shift + ESC keys on your keyboard.
  • In the task manager, move the cursor to the process area.
  • Close all QuickBooks desktop programs that are running in the background by selecting each process individually and clicking the End Process button.
  • To avoid issues, you can also restart.

After completing this procedure, launch QuickBooks and select Run as administrator.

  • Instead of accessing the company file, use the top-level help menu to check for the QuickBooks update.
  • Select Option and mark all to apply the update before clicking the Save button.
  • In the tab, click the Update Now option and check the Reset update box.
  • Finally, click the update option, which will automatically download and install the update in your QuickBooks, overwriting the old version. There will be a new version with the most recent features.


Updating QuickBooks software is critical for company files and users to avoid loss or errors. So, you can update the QuickBooks desktop directly using these techniques, or you can seek advice from our QuickBooks support experts, who are committed to providing you with outstanding assistance with your accounting problems and update concerns.

Please contact us at 1-888-704-1357 or via our live chat option. One of our top executives will personally address your concerns and present you with a solution as soon as possible.

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