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For men, the shopping process for clothes tends to be pretty straightforward. They usually know their size, they typically aren’t afraid to shop by themselves, and they can get the whole thing done in an hour or two. For women, it’s more complicated. 

Since finding Pakistani womens clothes that fit well is such a challenge, it’s all too easy to get frustrated and give up on shopping altogether—which means missing out on all of the fun, stylish clothes that are out there. So how do men and women shop for clothes differently? Read on to find out!

Men don’t care as much about style

Unless your guy is some sort of style maven, chances are he isn’t as concerned with what his clothes look like. As long as they’re clean, pressed, and in a decent colour to match his surroundings (think tie-dyed shirts on a bright summer day), men can often get away with wearing an outfit multiple times without anyone noticing. 

Of course, if you have fashion sense yourself, there’s nothing wrong with offering him some tips—or even letting him borrow something from your closet every now and then. He might just surprise you by saying thanks! instead of rolling his eyes at your suggestion.

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Women like variety and planning

Shopping for Pakistani womens clothes is one of their favourite things to do. They typically want a variety of options, which means going to multiple stores. They are also likely to plan their shopping trips carefully and include other events or activities on those days. 

While they typically pay more attention to current fashion trends, women rarely base their buying decisions on price alone; they consider quality and feel as well as presentation when deciding what to buy.

Try clothes on to see how they fit

It’s easier to determine what looks good or not when you actually try on a shirt, skirt, or pair of pants. When you buy online, there are no return policies so you don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t fit right. Go into a brick-and-mortar store (not just buying online) to pick out clothes and make sure they fit your body type.

Brand names are important to women

The fact that both genders care about brand names is not a big secret. However, there are important differences in how they apply it to their purchases. Recent research has shown that women are more likely to avoid Pakistani womens clothes from retailers whose brand image does not match their own self-image. 

On top of that, women often look for high-quality materials such as cashmere or silk when shopping for clothes, even if it means paying more for them.

Wear the wrong size

When it comes to clothing, particularly jeans, what you see is not always what you get. In fact, a good fit is often hard to find, especially if you’re shopping in stores. 

When shopping in-store, keep these tips in mind: If your jean size isn’t displayed (and it probably won’t be), ask a sales associate how he or she would recommend fitting yourself into that specific style.