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Asset/wealth managers are responsible for closing business deals and finding profitable investment opportunities. In the modern digital age, asset managers are drowning in the vast pool of customer data. The data gathered will be useless without powerful analytic software. Since real-time insights are not available, individuals cannot make data-backed decisions. In addition, the inability to create customised content in quick succession is hampering the growth of professionals. To overcome this challenge, asset and wealth managers are looking up to automated solutions. Seismic is used extensively in wealth management to make sense of the data/content. Read on to learn how content automation benefits asset/wealth managers.

Understanding Seismic

Seismic is an automated solution for content optimisation and sales enablement. One might wonder what is the need for sales enablement to wealth managers. Sales enablement is not limited to traditional sales reps for selling products. Companies rely on wealth managers to find suitable investment opportunities. For example, companies require external support for acing an M&A deal.

How to ensure the client/business engages with the right opportunity/product at the right time?

With sales enablement, asset managers can ensure increased business wins and closed deals. A sales enablement solution will provide real-time sales content and valuable insights to win contracts. When the sales content is optimised manually, it is more time-consuming. As a result, investors or clients might miss a lucrative investment opportunity. No wealth management firm would want to fail their clients. However, it frequently happens due to a lack of real-time data. Content automation is essential for discovering clients and finding suitable investment opportunities. Only trusted content automation solutions such as Seismic can help asset managers to generate real-time sales content.

Challenges with generating real-time sales content

Why do asset and wealth managers need an automated solution for sales enablement? The following challenges involved in generating real-time content have forced them to look for alternate solutions:

  • M&A deals have considerably increased in the past few years. As a result, managers have to create on-brand content and discover new opportunities. However, with the growing number of deals, it is hard to find authentic info.
  • Increased regulatory challenges are slowing the wealth management process.
  • As markets are developing and expanding, new investment opportunities are available. However, with increased competition between businesses, asset managers have to help clients grab an opportunity quickly.
  • Changing customer expectations are also a pain point for asset/wealth managers.

Pros of content automation with Seismic

The pros of ensuring content automation with Seismic are as follows: 

  • One can produce personalised sales content in real-time. Besides sales content, fact sheets, proposals and pitches are created within minutes. 
  • Asset/wealth managers can stay compliant with a content automation solution. 
  • On-brand content for each client can be generated with fewer manual hassles. 
  • Inducing updates across all materials and resources becomes easy. As a result, content management becomes easy, and asset managers save time and effort. 

One can look for external support for setting up their profile on Seismic. Boost your content management practices with an automated solution now!

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