gemstone jewelry

Picking the best gemstone jewelry for your collection can be challenging, as many options are available in the market. Therefore, confusion arises, but we are here to solve all your mess and guide you in making the best decisions. We will list a few gemstones with their details; read the entire blog and learn about them.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamond jewelry is one of the trending gemstone jewelry. Yes, it is a diamond which is actually a gemstone. Let me explain to you clearly, and it is a crystal that looks exactly similar to diamonds; that is why this name is given to it. Many people have chosen to wear this jewelry instead of real diamonds, as it is more affordable and looks pretty. Some pieces of this jewelry can even have traces, which enhances their beauty. It is a hard crystal that rates between 8 to 9 on the Mohs scale hardness.


You can buy the Turquoise collection, as this gemstone has great demand for its rich appearance and mystical healing energies. It is a blue gem that sometimes ranges in bluish-green and yellow shades. You can even see the matrix over the surface, which appears like a spider web, enhancing the beauty of the stone. People around the world buy Turquoise jewelry, as this stone is a sign of luxury and good fortune. It wards away all the negative energies and invites a positive vibe in life. Moreover, this gemstone protects it wearer, from all the difficult situations of life, from late night travel to the unsafe area to challenging tasks in professional life. From turquoise rings to pendants to bracelets, these ornaments have to fetch the hearts of people. Specially made for the ones born in the month of December, as it is their birthstone.


Moldavite is the green gem that brings transformative energies along with it. It is a tektite that has come to us in the form of meteoroids and comets around 14.8 million years ago. They have the energy of the moon and stars in them, whose heat changes the life of their wearer. Moreover, the Moldavite jewelry is even worn at parties and red carpet events, as it has the ability to attract every spectator. The stone has a rough surface as it is formed under various conditions. Also, you won’t see any glossy appearance on the surface. Therefore, wearing a Moldavite ring or pendant daily can help the wearer to reach the heights of success, as it allows them to perform better in their professional life.


Tanzanite is a striking blue gemstone that has been asked for its color and physical appearance. This stone is only found in the area of Northern Tanzania, the only place to buy gemstones. Tanzanite jewelry has been shown in many movies and has caught people’s attention. It also heals the problems related to health issues and wealth and brings good fortune.

Where To Buy These Stones From?

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