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Due to COVID-19, the test makers, Educational Testing Services (ETS), have stated that students will be able to take the GRE exam from home indefinitely. Learn everything there is to know about taking the GRE online and hear from students who have done so successfully.

Note: GRE test centers worldwide began reopening for in-person test dates in late 2020. If you wish to take the exam at a GRE at the exam center, you have options!

Except in Mainland China and Iran, the home GRE is available everywhere. The computer-delivered GRE is provided as of April 2, 2020.

According to ETS, more than 18,000 students have enrolled to take their at-home GRE or TOEFL iBT in 116 countries/territories worldwide as of April 14, with 2,000 having passed.

What is the GRE Home Experience, and How Does It Work?

ProctorU, a startup launched in 2008 that has provided millions of proctored online examinations, has collaborated with ETS.

Overall, ETS and ProctorU are attempting to replicate the testing environment in your house, so the standards are comparable to those you’d find at a test center, with a few extra needs for security and integrity.

You’ll need the following items for your GRE at home:

  • Laptops or desktop computers are both acceptable options. You can now choose between Windows and iOS as your OS, and you will not be able to use a tablet or any other mobile device.
  • Chrome and Firefox are two popular browsers.
  • Private area. The test cannot be taken in a public place (such as a park or a coffee shop), and no one else is allowed in the room.
  • A desk or a table with a chair. The test cannot be taken while lying in bed or on a couch.
  • Webcam. To offer the proctor a 360-degree view of your space, including your desk or table, also you’re not allowed to move around.
  • A microphone and speaker are included, and it would be preferable to have this with you when speaking with the proctor. However, you cannot wear headphones, earphones, or anything else covering your ears.

They also have various limitations, such as no food or drink during the exam and no accessories like tie clips, cufflinks, jewelry, headbands, etc.

What are Security Measures Required for the GRE at Home?

Additional security measures are listed below:

  • They’ll record your face (by the camera) and your screen so they can see everything you do, and a live proctor will be there.
  • You are unable to communicate with others.
  • To show the proctor your screen, you’ll need to use a handheld mirror or phone.
  • Unauthorized materials, such as mobile devices, pre-written notes, or textbooks are not permitted.
  • Your test could be invalidated if there is any suspicious activity or movement.

The ETS website has a complete list of requirements.

Any Rest Periods During the GRE?

The GRE is divided into six sections:

  • One Analytical Writing Assessment includes a problem essay and an argument essay, and this section is always at the top of the page.
  • There are two math, two verbal, and one experimental question (Math or Verbal). These sections can be arranged in any order you want.

You’ll have a ten-minute break after the third section, during which you can get out of your seat. Your test will be canceled if you do not return on time, and your fee will not be returned. You’ll get a one-minute break after all of the other sections, but you must remain seated. Unscheduled breaks are not permitted at ETS.

Advantages of Taking the GRE Online

You have certain advantages if you prefer to take it at home. Here are some pointers:

  • Take a few practice exams in the same setup you’ll utilize for the real test during your studies. ETS also offers three paid tests in addition to the two free ones.
  • To build a rhythm and routine, take these tests simultaneously.
  • Use the same device that you’ll be using on exam day.
  • Use a whiteboard or paper with a transparent sheet protector instead of standard scratch paper.

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