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Gold coins are a rare and interesting investment opportunity. If you are looking for diversification options for your portfolio, then you must consider buying gold coins from coin dealers. Generally, when people consider gold investment, it is only for buying jewelry. In the investment-grade variety, gold bars are considered to be a viable option. For mid-sized and small investors, gold coins and bars may seem extravagant investments.

However, gold is a very sound investment vehicle that has delivered proven results toward long-term wealth creation. Even as the currency markets may face a sizable fall due to the war in Europe, the share markets may be volatile due to the slow recovery from the pandemic, and the commodities market may be shrouded in uncertainty due to a slowdown in trade, the precious metals market will continue to endure.

Many investors advise saving some part of the investment in the form of gold to act as a hedge against market uncertainty.

Understanding Gold Coin Investment

Gold coins are manufactured by national banks or reputed international mints and generally bear a value on them. They come in assay packaging that makes them tamper-proof and protects their integrity. The gold coins that are minted by the standard institutions are all of .999 purity and thus, their prices are set as per the commodity market price in real-time. There is a premium price paid above the market rate to cover the making and packaging charges.

You can also buy gold coins that may not have a high market value, yet they command a higher price than a heavier gold coin or bar. These are called collector’s coins or coins with numismatic value. they derive their value from their unique design, year of mint, an occasion on which they were minted, etc. They are also an excellent investment opportunity because they are rare and will continue to gain value even if the gold market price is down.

Depending on the amount you wish to invest, your investment goals, and the period of investment, you can buy gold coins online or from a store.

Here are 7 Inexpensive Gold Coins that you can buy from coin dealers

1.  1/10 oz American gold Eagle Coin

The American gold Eagle Coin is manufactured by the US Mint and is among the most recognized coins in the country. In the size of 1/10 oz, the American gold eagle will cost roughly around US$300. You can buy it from “coin dealers near me” as it is easily available in any exclusive dealership for investment-grade gold.

2. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

This coin can be bought in sizes of 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/ 10 oz in the range of US$175 to US$ 450. Coming from across the border from the Royal Bank of Canada, these coins have a remarkable design featuring the maple leaf on one side and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side.

4. Chinese Gold Panda Coin

The Chinese Gold Panda coin is manufactured by the People’s Bank of China and has an exquisite design of a panda eating bamboo on one side and the Temple of heaven design on the obverse side. Since they have very low circulation, they command a higher value in the market. It is among the most expensive gold coins on the market. 1 oz Gold Panda can cost around US$ 400.

5. South African Krugerrand

The Krugerrands that are minted by the Rand refineries for the South African Mint, are among the most popular and most widely circulated gold coins in the world. They are priced in the same range as the US Gold Eagle, and you can purchase them at rates around US$500. The Krugerrand has a beautiful design and is widely recognized around the world.

There are alternatives for one to buy gold coins online for special discounts from online gold coin dealers. These transactions are done discreetly, and you are given the best service by the sellers of the coin. All these famous coins can be purchased from local coin dealerships in the USA. It is important to go through legitimate and authorized coin dealers to get genuine products.

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