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Do you like the beach and the sea? If you are visiting Boston then Cape Cod is a must-see for you. There are different ways in which you can get to this wonderful tourist destination.

Among the list of things you must see and do in Boston, you always have to include a visit to Cape Cod. It is a peninsula located in eastern Massachusetts that is very easy to reach from Boston.

If you are visiting Boston, going to Cape Cod car service will be like going to another state, because the atmosphere is very different from that of the city and you will feel much closer to the beach environment. The Cape, as it is also known, is located approximately 112 kilometers by road from the city of Boston. To travel to this tourist center you can take different transport systems.

1. The best cape cod car service way to travel to Cape Cod from Boston

Traveling on an excursion from Boston to Cape Cod is perhaps the best decision you can make. These types of trips allow you to concentrate on the places you want to visit and not on looking for a means of transportation. This journey begins with a sightseeing cruise that can depart from Long Wharf Pier or MacMillan Pier.

The ferry stops at certain stops so you can explore for a few hours. Among them is the Sandwich Glass Museum, located in the historic town of Sandwich, a museum that exhibits a variety of rare glass and its manufacturing process.

You can also visit the John F. Kennedy Memorial with friends and VIP friends on Cape Cod Limo Service. Then it will be time to cross the Cape Cod Canal and enjoy the impressive panoramic views.

For two hours you can stroll along Main Street Hyannis to eat some snacks and buy souvenirs. Your next stop will most likely be Gray’s Beach, a beautiful spot ideal for taking some pictures. There you can also walk along the walkway located over the famous marshes, depending on the time allowed on the excursion.

The last tour is usually a drive around Lewis Bay to take in the beauty of the scenery and see the Kennedy residences and other landmarks. At the end of the tour, a bus will be waiting to take you back to your hotel, although this service is included only for specific hotels.

Some tour companies prefer to offer a tour exclusively by bus. This is an alternative option for when weather conditions do not allow traveling by ferry.

If you like history tours in Boston, you will love these excursions as the guides narrate curious and historical facts during the tour.

If you don’t know English, don’t worry, these excursions usually have staff who speak Spanish or provide you with headphones and equipment so you can listen to the narration.

Practical information

  • Price: approximately €150.
  • Duration of the journey: the entire excursion can take from 9 to 10 hours.
  • Advantages: You can appreciate beautiful views of the city and the islands of Boston Harbor during your navigation.
  • Disadvantages: You must be on time for all pick-up times so you don’t miss your bus or ferry ride. In addition, the weather conditions are sometimes not favorable, so it will be necessary to find another option.

2. Travel to Cape Cod from Boston by plane, the fastest option about cape cod car service

If you are in a hurry, it is best to buy a plane ticket. The airline most frequently used by passengers is Cape Air.

With cape cod car service, you can get facilitated to go from Boston Logan International Airport to an airport on Cape Cod.

The prices of this trip usually vary depending on the time of year or even the day of the week you choose. However, they are usually in the range of €70 to €140. This trip can take between 20 and 30 minutes on cape cod car service, without adding the time you spend disembarking and looking for your luggage at the airport.

Depending on your flight, you can land in the towns of Hyannis and Provincetown (Provincetown Municipal Airport), on the islands of Nantucket (Nantucket Memorial Airport), or on Martha’s Vineyard.

If you land on any of the islands you will have the opportunity to explore them first before traveling to the other locations with cape cod car service. If that’s what you want to do, you’ll need to take a ferry to one of the towns I mentioned earlier.

Before buying your ticket, check what kind of luggage you can take. Personally, I recommend you to take only what is necessary since if you carry extra luggage you will have to invest in a cape cod car service more in your trip.

Also, if you are only visiting for a day, all you will need is a backpack with the essentials for your trip with a cape cod car service. Do not forget to plan the route from the airport where you will arrive at the beach or the hotel.

Practical information

  • Price: between €70 and €140.
  • Journey time: about half an hour.
  • Advantages: It is the fastest option you will find, although you must take into account. The transfer time from the airport to your final destination.
  • Disadvantages: Depending on the date, tickets can be sold out or very expensive.

3. Travel in a rental car from Boston to Cape Cod

Some people find it much safer and more relaxing to drive to their destination. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry, you can travel to Cape Cod car service. Even if you don’t have your own car.

You can always rent one, which is a very simple process if you go to companies like Budget or AVIS. Where you can rent the car of your choice for as long as you need.

Before you set out on your journey from Boston to The Cape, you’ll need to find an easy route to follow. The fastest is to take I-93 South from Boston. Then exit onto MA-3 South and US-6 East to MA-132 S/Lyannough Road in Barnstable.

So that you don’t get lost at any time, I recommend using an online map or a printed one. In addition to the GPS, in case the car has it incorporated. This is necessary to mark the path you want to take, as well as the possible stops you want to make. If you have Google Maps and an internet connection during your journey, it will be easier to guide you.

You should also think about the places you will visit once you arrive on Cape Cod. Among them is the Cape Cod National Seashore, located on the Outer Cape Peninsula. There you can visit through cape cod car service beaches, forests, ponds, and many other landscapes which will be wonderful if you are a nature lover.

You are probably wondering where you can park once you arrive at your destination. Fortunately, you’ll find free parking in metered cities and towns. However, some beaches have specific rates. I recommend you research the beach you want to go to and check the amount you have to pay.

Practical information

  • Price: approximately €140.
  • Journey time: about 1 hour and a half.
  • Advantages: you can plan your departure time and make the stops you prefer.
  • Disadvantages: when you arrive at your destination you will have to look for a place to park and this can generate more expenses.

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