Birthday Cake

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Cakes are the most delightful and fascinating desert ever. With many flavours, varieties shapes and sizes cake is the go-to dessert for any party, celebration or occasion. The cakes are stunning and vibrant and innovative.

Cakes bring a sense of cheer and happiness around, even the tiniest Cake makes any occasion delightful. It brings individuals along as it has everyone’s attention. A birthday cake with a delicious flavour is a perfect companion for any celebration.

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the vital activities for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, parties, and many more. So we can say that celebrations are incomplete without cakes.

Many different flavours and varieties are available in the market. If you don’t want to visit cake shops you can simply order it to your doorstep. You can even customise the birthday cake like a Birthday cake with name and the type of flavour and decoration you want on it. 

It is normal to be confused about which flavour to choose on what occasion but you don’t have to worry about it. You can simply go through the flavours available on the menu, also below is a brief description of various flavours of cakes you can order on particular occasions.

There are flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mixed fruit, mango, pineapple and so on. These are the basic flavours and then we have several variations within these flavours like swiss chocolate cake, Dutch chocolate cake, and many more chocolate flavours. Vanilla has a very specific flavour base which includes mava malai cake, sponge cakes, rawa cake, and many more.

Different flavours of cakes which are very trending now are:

Coffee Cake:

This is a perfect dessert for all the coffee lovers. They are very tasty and are available in different flavours such as mocha, latte, espresso and many more. These cakes are basically flavoured with coffee essence.

Lemon Cake:

This flavour of cake adds a sweet tangy taste to the cake and it is said to be the best flavour cake to enjoy with evening tea.

Plum Cake:

This cake is traditionally used for festivals, occasions or to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on. This is a fluffy cake with cocoa and mixed fresh fruits or dry fruits.

Vanilla Cake:

It is the base for every cake. It easily complements with any flavour and is versatile. This is the most popular and liked flavour of cake.

Red Velvet Cake:

This is a gorgeous looking and delightful cake. The best thing about this cake is the colour combination. The red-white look of the cake is the attention seeker.

Sponge Cake:

It is a fat-free and yummy cake. It is a porous cake and absorbs all the liquid flavour you pair with it. This cake is usually dressed with whipped cream and garnished with some fresh seasonal fruits. It is the best cake for people who are very health conscious. They can have this cake guilt-free.

Pistachio Cake:

Pistachios are nuts which are sweet and buttery in taste and this makes it the best flavouring agent for any cake. This is a subtly green cake.

Chocolate Cake: 

Chocolate cakes are loved by everyone. Everyone must have cut a chocolate cake once in their lifetime. To relive those moments you can order a chocolate cake again.

Mousse Cake:

This cake is a combination of flour, egg whites and whipped cream and flavoured with the help of caramel, chocolate and so on.

Black Forest Cake:

This cake is a complete combination of chocolate, whipped cream and cherries. This cake is made up of chocolate bread/sponge, with whipped cream in the middle of the layers and also on the covering. Lastly, garnish with some chocolate flakes and cherries.

These were the cakes you can order for any occasion, especially for birthdays. If you want to surprise your husband. You can order a birthday cake for your husband, you can also write a cute message and gift him flowers. He will be astonished by this gesture of yours.

Surprises like these are liked by everyone. So surprise them with some good and cute gifts and see their reaction to it. Even if you have some midnight cravings you can treat yourself to these delicious flavours, show some love towards yourself and pamper yourself.

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