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Hair extensions are an emerging trend. Women are fond of playing with their looks. For this purpose, hair extensions are used. Hair extensions produce an instant change in their personality. There are different types of hair extensions depending upon the requirements of customers. They are packed in attractive hair extension boxes. It’s your choice whether you want temporary hair extensions or long-lasting ones. High-quality materials are used to create printed hair extension boxes. The packaging for hair extensions is done with great care to retain the quality of the product. Drying your hair is a necessary part of your beauty care routine. Getting your natural hair dried might not be a problem, but if you wear hair extensions, everything needs to be done carefully.

How to dry hair extensions? It is a common question asked by women who recently got a set of hair extensions fitted. This is because hair extensions need to be treated gently to make them last longer and stay softer. Below are some of the proper ways to use a hair dryer for your hair extensions:

Preparing Your Hair Extensions before Using a Hair Dryer:

When it comes to drying your hair extensions, preparation is the key. First of all, brush your hair. Hair extensions are at their weakest when they are wet. But unfortunately, brushing your wet hair is unavoidable if you want to keep the extensions smooth and tangle-free. An easy way out is to choose a suitable hairbrush. Be careful not to tug on the bonds of extension. Once your hair gets smooth, check the wefts or bonds for any disruption. Run your fingers through your hair side by side to avoid tangling. If some hairs become tangled, brush them separately to make them smooth.

Ways to Use a Hair Dryer for Hair Extensions:

An important thing to remember while drying your hair extensions is to never overheat them. This destroys all the moisture. Heat damages the hair and makes it unhealthy. In particular, the hair extensions become vulnerable to breakage upon heat. Therefore, do not get harsh by playing with the heat setting. Once your extensions get damaged, they are irreparable in most cases. Below are some of the ways to follow for care:

  • If you have applied for pre-bonded hair extensions by the keratin method, i.e., glue, start drying them straight away. If you allow the extensions to sit damp, it can cause the bonds to become sticky and damage them. On the other hand, if you are wearing the extensions by other methods like tape-in hair extensions, weft hair extensions, micro ring or nano ring hair extensions, allow your hair to slightly dry before using a hairdryer. Such a type of instruction is sometimes mentioned on custom hair extension boxes to guide the customers.
  • Always begin with a low heat setting while drying your hair extensions. Focus on the roots first, then go downwards. If you have the habit of sectioning your hair for drying, it is fine. But remember not to apply clips on those wefts and bonds to damage them. Use a brush or your fingers to dry them properly from top to bottom.
  • In order to make your hair extensions last as long as possible, ensure that they are fully dried before further styling. Applying direct heat from a straightener when your hair is damp exposes them to excessive heat. This may damage their structure. It is also recommended not to sleep with wet hair extensions. Therefore, if you use a dryer before sleeping, make sure that they are completely dry before touching the pillow.
  • In the case of hair extensions, you may go for some recommended pre-shampoo treatments before washing. This reduces the tangling and restores them to their actual quality. Hair extensions need extra care to keep them silky smooth. So it is important to treat them often.

Important Tips to Remember

Below are some simple instructions to remember for hair-drying the extensions:

  • When your hair extensions are wet, never apply the dryer directly. Use a soft towel to wipe off the water. Never roll up your wet hair. Use a wide comb for brushing. Start from the bottom and then move upward in small sections. Do not be in a hurry in the combing section. Continue in the downward motion. The use of the brush is not recommended.
  • Now the drying part begins. As mentioned earlier, it is important that your hair extensions do not get entangled. Begin by drying the attachments and then proceed towards the hair shaft. When using a hair dryer, try to use a brush the least. Experts recommend not using a brush until 90% of your hair extensions are dry.
  • Then comes hair styling. Always use alcohol-free styling products for your extensions, preferably the ones recommended on the hair packaging boxes. Alcohol releases the tape bond. Nowadays, almost all of the hair sprays contain alcohol. You can take precautions by not spraying them near the bonds. Moisturizing products are mostly recommended. You may also apply a serum before drying so that the comb glides through the hair extensions smoothly. The products that are recommended are listed on the hair extension boxes.

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