Exos Heroes Tier List

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The unique heroes you’ll find in any MOBA are Exos Heroes. There are many special abilities and play styles among the heroes, making for exciting team compositions. We’ll discuss the Exos Heroes tier list here in this guide with exclusive information.

Exos Heroes characters are ranked according to their tiers from best to worst. Heroes are classified according to their utility and strength, not popularity or the frequency they are played. Tier lists are based on my opinion and my experience with each hero. Before making a final decision, consider everything. Check back often for more updates, as these tier lists are constantly updated to ensure accuracy.

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is a mobile game developed by a South Korean company. Throughout the game, players can customize and grow their hero, which can be used individually or with other players in a team of three. In addition to their unique abilities, heroes will also have strengths and weaknesses based on your play style. You can download the game from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The team at Exos Heroes is always looking for ways to improve the experience for their players. Exos Heroes constantly develop new content, events, or features to keep players interested. This post will discuss the different tiers of heroes available in the game and how they differ. If you want to find out more about how your hero’s deck affects gameplay, continue reading! 

Six categories are assigned to Exos Heroes:

  • Core
  • Fate
  • Fatal
  • Magnificent
  • Magical
  • Common

Together all playable heroes are ranked in the Exos heroes leaderboard. The tiers are S+ to S Tier, followed by A to D. Several of the strongest heroes inside the game are found in the S+ Tier, which has the most outstanding star level.

Exos Heroes Tier List 

There are six grades of Exos Heroes: Fate Core, Fatal, Legendary, Rare, Magical, and Common. The exos heroes tier list represents all the heroes in the game. The tiers go from S+ to S Tier, then A to D.

  • The S+ tier is the highest star rating and contains some of the most powerful heroes in the game.
  • The S tier is the second-highest star level and is well-balanced in stats.
  • Tier A-D has lower power than previous tiers, but they are still helpful.
  • While Tier A will have average abilities that synergize well together, Tier D will be considered filler characters for those who can’t afford stronger heroes or are still learning how to play Exos Heroes because it won’t affect gameplay much at this point.

Tier list for Fated Exos Heroes.

Several players wonder how to rank up their Exos to make everyone feel like a hero.  From the most robust character in S+ Tier to the weakest character in C Tier, we have ranked all of the characters in Exos Heroes into these tiers: S+, S, A+, B, C. We hope this helps new players understand how strong or weak the feeling they have received is.

S+Tier List:

A hero in the S+ tier is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. They can easily crush anything in their path and are considered godlike.

  • The Bathory
  • The Dorka
  • The FC Bathory
  • The FC Garff
  • The FC Rachel
  • The FC Rudley
  • The FC Shufraken
  • The Jinai
  • The Rera
  • The Tantalo

S-Tier List:

An S-Tier hero is undeniably strong, making it easy to breeze through the stories. This list contains heroes that should be part of your team.

  • The Annie
  • The Blue FC Baraka
  • The Brook
  • The Deva
  • The FC Anastasia
  • The FC Adams
  • The FC Annie
  • The FC Baraka
  • The FC Hekin
  • The FC Iris
  • The FC Lepin
  • The FC Luke
  • The FC Magi
  • The FC Range
  • The FC Rera
  • The FC Scarlet
  • The FC Tantalo

A+ Tier List:

A+ heroes are mainly legendary heroes that you should consider if you don’t have any fated heroes. Fated heroes have more excellent base parameters and more robust skill sets than these legendary heroes.

  • The Adams
  • The Astarte
  • The Baraka
  • The Black FC Baraka
  • The Degas
  • The FC Baileys
  • The FC Jinn
  • The FC Valarr
  • The FC Zeon
  • The Firis
  • The Guter
  • The Hawkeye
  • The Karin
  • The Leger
  • The Luke
  • The Metron
  • The Monica
  • The Orchard

A Tier List:

Heroes in the A tier tend to have a lower survivability than their counterparts in the S+, S, and A stories and less AoE capability. These heroes can be combined with various off-meta builds, however.

  • The Anastasia
  • The Bernadette
  • The Barnabas
  • The FC Barnabas
  • The FC Deva
  • The FC Emma
  • The FC Mahar
  • The FC Xiakhan
  • The Garff Light Defense
  • The Kaya

B Tier List:

B-tier heroes in higher tiers lack nearly every aspect, but they can still play a role in particular niche builds for specific bosses.

  • The Chati
  • The Emma
  • The Jinn
  • The Keylock
  • The Magi
  • The Sabrina
  • The Sharpie
  • The Talia
  • The Valentina
  • The Xiakhan

C Tier List

The C-tier heroes only have a place in early-game builds. These heroes are too weak for any Meta later in the game and should be replaced by heroes from higher tiers as soon as possible.

The Baileys

The Mahar

The Neomi

The Range

The Rudley

The Shell

The Valarr


In conclusion, the Exos Heroes Tier List is a valuable resource for players of this popular mobile game. This list ranks the characters based on their strength and usefulness in battle, allowing players to make informed decisions when building their teams. However, it’s important to note that the tier list is not always definitive, and individual playstyles and team compositions can make a significant difference in battle.

It’s also worth considering that characters can be buffed or nerfed in future updates, which can change their ranking on the list. Nonetheless, the Exos Heroes Tier List is a great starting point for players looking to build a strong team and progress through the game. By utilizing this list and experimenting with different team compositions, players can enjoy a rewarding and engaging gaming experience in the world of Exos Heroes.

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Tiers, what does that mean?

Tiers are a measure of power and viability. A higher-tier hero is more potent than a lower-tier hero. This is accomplished by comparing the strength of two or more heroes. Tier refers to the fact that one hero is a better choice than another in certain aspects of the game. 

What does the exos heroes tier list accomplish?

In the Exos Heroes Tier List, heroes are ranked by their best use cases, with the top spot going to heroes who are most useful in various situations.

How can each Exos Heroes character be compared?

Heroes have their own set of abilities, which they can use in various ways on the battlefield. You can better determine the composition of your team by understanding these abilities.

Are all heroes suitable for all situations?

No, each hero is better suited to certain situations than others. Your advantage over your opponent will come from knowing which heroes to use in a fight.

Why do some heroes rank higher than others?  

According to their power and usefulness, heroes are ranked in different tiers. A hero with a higher story is generally better than a hero with a lower level. On the other hand, more down-tier heroes are not as effective as their higher-tier counterparts.