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Interactive gym equipment is being enthusiastically adopted by Boys & Girls Clubs across the country as a fun way to engage kids. It is proving to be a very useful resource in engaging youngsters and ensuring their enthusiastic participation. The Boys & Girls Clubs were established across the USA to provide youngsters a safe space where they could play and learn important life skills and cultivate strong habits. 

In line with their aims, for these clubs to have a positive impact on children and to help them adjust and thrive in society, children must be exposed to scenarios relevant to them. Video games and digital gadgets are a big part of student life.  It is a big reason for the rampant sedentary lifestyle the youngsters are leading. Exergaming technology blends video gaming with physical exercise through interactive gym equipment. 

Gaming for fitness

Children are naturally drawn to physical activities and movement if a video game is designed to engage the child to move physically. For instance, the IWall has a game where children can choose an avatar for skiing in the Alps. The player must replicate the movements of skiing for their avatar to ski in the game. Thus, they must imitate the movements of sliding to the sides, squatting, leaping, and much more. these movements must be controlled for them to get the appropriate stance in the game. Boys & girls club kids fitness programs have successfully integrated this exergame equipment to provide a group and individual exergame routine for kids. 

6 Exergame Equipment that has successfully been integrated into the Boys & girls club kids fitness programs         

1. Fit Interactive Heavy Ball

The underlying principles of the game are simple. The ball must be thrown down a chute and once it comes out of the bottom, the player must bend and pick it and put it in the next chute. However, the ball can be of heavier weights, and variations of the game can be played with different intensities to challenge the player. It can be played in teams or alone and improve concentration, stability, strength, and agility.

2. MotionMagix Floor

MotionMagix includes a PC, 3D camera, Projector, speakers, and tablet. The projector is installed on the ceiling and projects various games on the floor that will require the kids to move and play with animated graphics. There are over 100 games, and more are added with updates that make it suitable for children of all age groups. 


The JUMPQ is important interactive gym equipment for plyometric training. It promotes agility, response to stimuli, and overall cardiovascular fitness among children. Children must jump with the right intensity to make an impact and that helps them strengthen their leg muscles and even workouts their core. 

4. Interactive Rowing machine

The interactive rowing machine is attached to a television and to play their video games, the children must keep rowing constantly. They can select exciting avatars and compete with one another with the wide variety of gaming options available. The rowing machine can also be synchronized with VR goggles for an immersive experience. This can prove therapeutic for kids who want some space to unwind and reflect.

5. Interactive Gaming Bikes

Interactive Gaming bikes also work like the rowing machine as they are hooked to a computer and projector that streams landscapes, terrains, and a multitude of video games. It is an effective addition to the Boys & girls club kids fitness programs as children mount it enthusiastically and ride the bikes long and hard as they are stimulated by competition to win in the games. Children of different ages and fitness levels can play together with their avatars and their fitness progress is tracked on the computer.

6. SMARTfit Strike Pods

The strike pods come with fun color alternatives, and they can be arranged in different manners to create hundreds of games and activities to engage children of all age groups. The games are designed to exercise fine motor skills, dexterity, and brain health. 

Interactive gym equipment is designed in such a way that it can be adapted for all age groups and add variety to the workouts. That is why they are in so much demand among youth fitness centers and schools. 

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