Dissertation plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying or cheating a published work. When a researcher does not give credit to the published work, it is plagiarism. Plagiarism is academic violence and unethical practice of research. There are many factors of plagiarism. Lack of citation to the actual author reflects that academic writing is not one’s own work. There are different types of plagiarism. These types include unintentional and intentional plagiarism. In the modern age of information, plagiarism has become one of the major challenges. Increasing accessibility to academic resources is one of the significant challenges in plagiarism is one of them. Students tend to do dissertation plagiarism from internet resources for their dissertations.

Academic program is essential to ensure that best quality of academic research. Such programs include the factors of education and behaviour control. Improvement in education behaviour comes with increasing skills and abilities of the students. Eradication of plagiarism is possible after the identification of its roots. Tutors must ensure that they get themselves engaged with students. It will help them understand the importance of quality research work.

The researchers of any masters dissertation help firm should not copy or recycle published information. He needs to link the information according to the subject topic. The copied material will then reflect genuine thought. Even coping images or statistical data is plagiarism. Research may use work of other authors, but it must be cited properly and make logical sequences.

Causes of Dissertation plagiarism

Students plagiarise work when they are under pressure or lack time. Student behaviour can be one of the major reasons for plagiarism. Most of the students start their research work at the eleventh hour. They copy material from published material and forget to cite the references.

Due to a lack of analytical abilities, students tend to copy material from the internet. Moreover, limited knowledge is also a major cause of dissertation plagiarism. The teaching staff has limited knowledge and awareness of plagiarism.

Steps to Combat Dissertation plagiarism

Various educational bodies set up programs to prevent plagiarism. Different educational institutions set clear standards to combat educational violence. Efforts are being initiated to define clear guidelines to avoid plagiarism. Students violating the academic guidelines face punishment. These punishments include a warning or cancellation of the first draft. Repetition of such violence may lead the student to face dropout. Tutors need to set certain parameters to threat students from dissertation plagiarism.

Educational institutions nowadays are working to discourage the practice of dissertation plagiarism. In most countries, tutors access central plagiarism checking software and applications. Educational institutions designed their programs to discourage plagiarised work.

The information and communication age helps people gain ready access to the internet. To do credible research, people use published material from different sources. The purpose of gathering different information is to provide pieces of evidence. This evidence helps the dissertation to form a credible piece of information. The researcher should avoid copy-pasting and give appropriate references. He needs to:

  • Track all the information sources utilised in their research work,
  • Rephrase the material used for the internet or any other sources,
  • Give appropriate credit to the author, and;
  • Check plagiarism of the final copy before submission.

Educational institutions need to provide academic guidelines to their fresh students. These academic guidelines must emphasise academic violence as well. The guidelines should contain the consequences of academic violence. The tutors and administration need to ensure strict compliance with the academic guidelines. In this way, tutors and educational institutions can control academic theft.

The researcher needs to mention proper citation. A vast scope of the study is essential for effective dissertation writing. The researcher should study relevant literature. The study should include books, journals, and articles for comprehensive research work. The researcher may quote the authors, but this practice needs to be at low frequency. Paraphrasing the copied material will be more helpful. Rephrasing does not mean that the researcher makes few alterations in sentences. Researchers, while rephrasing, need to construct their thought. The thought of the researcher should be in a logical sequence.

Also, there is a need to follow the appropriate guidelines for dissertation plagiarism. The referencing style must be according to the dissertation brief. Gathering information and conducting a thorough study is a challenging task. Students need to hunt materials and combine them in a logical sequence. The logical sequence must be according to the research work. Thus, plagiarism in academic publications is one of the significant challenges. Plagiarism is one of the major academic offences and challenges.

Tutors and academic administration need to design comprehensive policies. Tutors must be able to analyse the intellectual level of every student. A dissertation is a lengthy project, and the tutor needs to break it down into small sections. Each section must have separate deadlines. Students need to follow the dissertation submission chapter-wise. The student will produce the highest possible quality. Even the tutor will be able to help the student to bring further improvement.

Tutors need to pay attention to the students to identify weaknesses. The instructor needs to work with students to help produce high-quality research material. Section to section checking will help the student to follow the correct pattern. Hence, it will lead to producing plagiarism-free quality research papers. A plagiarism-free dissertation may prove helpful to societies across the globe. All the academic stakeholders need to take responsibility to ensure plagiarism-free publications. In this way, the level of education may be improved globally.


Plagiarism in the recent past has risen at an alarming rate. Dissertation plagiarism has disastrous consequences. Students may be dropped out of their classes or may be expelled. University students are mature enough to make a difference between right and wrong. They must not play with their future. Students need to conduct a thorough study of the literature. Afterwards, extract the relevant information and rewrite it in your context. Students should develop a critical analysis that the student needs to develop. Each dissertation has thorough guidelines. These guidelines must also be followed. The formatting, citations, referencing, and research must be conducted according to the brief.

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