curly wolf cut

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Curly wolf cut

You won’t find any resemblance between the animal and the curly wolf cut style itself if you search for pictures of wolves. Instead, the earthy and untamed nature of the cut gave it its name. The wolf cut is a mixture of shag and a mullet haircut. As long as the length, volume, and wispy layers are on-point, you can make it wild or chill it out,” Spellman says. “It’s versatile in every sense of the word.” As this is a gender-neutral style, anyone can spice up their appearance and feel their best.” 

It isn’t necessary to avoid this cut for a particular hair type. However, if you have straight hair, you may need to use some hot tools and the right styling products to add texture and volume, both critical facets of this trend. Another thing to note about the wolf cut. TikTok is currently trending with people Dying of the curly wolf cut. “Haircuts require a lot of professional training, so even if you buy the best scissors, you won’t have the experience of a pro,” says Spellman. 

Origin of wolf cut hair trend.

Wolf haircuts are currently trending, but they started in South Korea in the mid-2000s. There was a micro-surge in popularity of the shag-meets-mullet ‘do rock by several well-known K-Pop singers. Like the BB cream, the wolf cut took about a decade to make it west. Having said that, if we want to get technical, inspiration for the wolf cut can be credited to hairstylist Paul McGregor, who created that iconic shag on an award-winning actress. The OG mullet also deserves credit, dating back to ancient Greece.

Is the wolf cut attractive?

The shag from the 1970s and the mullet from the 1980s are combined in this edgy haircut in a novel, unique way. The wolf cut’s many layers, which provide this haircut a lot of volumes, are the key to its worldwide capacity to flatter. Layers are excellent for thin hair because they may give it strength and motion.

Does a wolf have the same cut as a mullet?

The curly wolf cut is similar to a mullet, but they’re not the same. The difference between the wolf and the mullet, Spellman says, is the softness of the look. Mullets tend to be tighter and cropped at the top, whereas curly wolf cut blend more seamlessly. Think of the whole event as a party, rather than just the front.

What is the best way to style a wolf cut?

Creating a curly wolf cut means embracing texture, not shying away from volume, and embracing that carefree essence. You should also have products in your routine that can tackle frizz in addition to texturizing and volumizing hairspray. Spellman recommends that you be prepared on how you want your haircut done in the salon and whether you would like more or fewer layers and volume. According to her, “My favorite product for controlling frizz at home is Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray.”

Top 8 best curly wolf cut ideas 

1. Wolf cut tapered long

K-Pop fans consider Beomgyu of TXT’s wolf cut one of the best, thanks to the blend of long, tapered layers that seem to hug every curve of his sculpted face. We are envious of his 3-D shine as well.

2. Shaggy wolf cut

Billy Eilish rocks her cut with a set of face-framing curtain bangs and choppy layers that create a feathered effect.

3. Full-fringe wolf cut

Meanwhile, Debby Ryan wears her full-fringed wolf cut with balayage highlights and beachy waves.

4. Cropped wolf cut

We may be biased as BTS fans, but we adore this cropped, tousled look on Jin, which resembles a perfectly grown-in pixie cut. The wavy texture and lighter brown highlights are a chef’s kiss.

5. The modern mullet

It’s easy to see why Miley Cyrus has been wearing this shaggy cut for so long: the voluminous crown and soft, graduated layers fit her perfectly.

6. The lob wolf cut

We shouldn’t be surprised that a choppy wolf cut complements a collarbone-skimming lob. (Tip: Add generous amounts of dry shampoo to bring out even more volume and definition).

7. The lone wolf

An example of wolf cutting on long hair is shown here; the effect is subtle but adds a lot of movement and texture to otherwise single-length strands. (The purple streak is optional, though highly recommended).

8. The curly wolf

And last but not least, curly bob with the curly wolf cut. You can see how the shorter pieces on top and the sides add volume and extra tousle to this style.

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Is the wolf cut suitable for curly hair? 

This style looks great on curly hair because the curly wolf cut relies on volume and texture to emphasize layering. It might take some styling if you’re looking for a “scrunched-up” look daily if you have super straight hair.

Is the wolf cut challenging to maintain?

The wolf cut is a hairstyle with a lot of volume on the front and top of your head. It gets thinner as it goes down and gets less volume at the end. Cuts like these are difficult to achieve, but they are relatively easy to maintain.

Does a wolf cut add volume?

“The wolf cut gives you lots of movement and layers throughout, whether worn long or short, with more volume at the crown and less at the sides.”

What makes this cut so popular?

Several things make the wolf cut appealing, including how easy it is to create the choppy layers at home because they are intentionally uneven, and how versatile it is because you can wear it short or long and with different textures.

Is Wolf cut effective on thin hair?

It’s an excellent haircut for thin hair because it adds body where you need it and hides the light spots you want hidden.

Are Wolf cuts flattering on round faces? 

You’ll love the wolf cut, an audacious crossing of a tousled shag, and a modified mullet that’s currently sweeping TikTok. “If you have medium-length hair, it is a great choice,” says Lund. “The choppy layers help soften a round face by creating a movement around the face’s chin and jawline.”