Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is a life-changing decision. Your decision will provide a young couple with the unique gift of life. It takes an exceptional person to commit to this process.

The surrogacy journey begins with selection criteria. Women interested in pursuing surrogacy must meet the following requirements:

Has Given Birth To Her Child and is Involved in Raising Them

This is perhaps the essential requirement, not with all surrogacy agencies but with IVF clinics. The ability to conceive and give birth to a child demonstrates that a candidate can become pregnant again. In other words, it establishes fertility.

You will be asked to submit ob/GYN records from your past pregnancy to the IVF physician. They will review these to ensure you had an uncomplicated and uneventful pregnancy.

Your ability to raise your child demonstrates your stability as a person and mother.

Follows a Healthy Lifestyle

This criterion benefits all parties. When a surrogate is healthy, she will care for someone else’s unborn child. Every intended parent wants to ensure their surrogate will take the best care of their unborn baby. Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, giving the baby an excellent start in life.

Financially Stable

Most surrogacy agencies prefer their surrogacy candidates to be financially stable, and this ensures that the candidate chooses surrogacy for the best reasons and not solely for financial compensation. Most women who choose to become surrogates understand the time and sacrifice it takes to take this path. Receiving compensation is simply a bonus as it helps them with other areas in their lives.

Leads a Responsible Lifestyle

This criterion goes hand-in-hand with criteria #2. Leading a responsible lifestyle means that the candidate is not taking street drugs, and it should be with the OB’s consent to take prescription medication. A surrogate’s healthy lifestyle ensures the baby will have sound health.

Is a Non-smoker

This is an essential criterion that the surrogacy candidate must meet. Smoking while pregnant can lead to severe complications such as low birth weight, premature delivery, and stillbirth. When you smoke during pregnancy, your blood vessels narrow, especially those in the umbilical cord. As a result, it reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to the baby.

Has a BMI of >32

A body mass index of >32 is a must for most IVF clinics, and having a BMI over 32 puts mothers at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes, further putting the mother and baby’s health at risk.

Is Mentally Sound

To become a surrogate mother, you have to schedule doctor’s appointments, attend them regularly and take medications as required. You should understand and follow the requirements in your legal contract (which you signed at the start of the surrogacy process). You will also relinquish your rights to the child upon delivery because you are a carrier and not a legal or biological parent. It takes a mentally sound individual to be able to do all this.

Meets The Age Criteria

Most surrogacy agencies prefer candidates between the ages of 21 to 38, which is also a requirement for most IVF clinics.

Agrees To Drug and Psychological Screenings

This requirement is a must. While signing the contract, you must agree to be subject to drug and psychological screening. Since you will be carrying someone else’s child, the clinic wants to ensure you’re the best possible candidate for them. The intended parents also want to feel they can trust you (after all, you’re a stranger to them).

These are the essential criteria involved in becoming a surrogate mother. If you have any questions regarding these criteria or surrogacy, get in touch with us at Rite Options.

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