Cracked Stone Bricks Minecraft

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When Mojang added variants to many new blocks in the 18w43a snapshot, I was shocked to see that cracked stone bricks didn’t get any. This guide is all about cracked stone bricks Minecraft with detail.

Cracked Stone Bricks Minecraft 

Within Minecraft, there are many different types of stones you can use. By combining the humble cobblestone with other stone types, you can assemble more stunning stone blocks. Cracked stone bricks Minecraft aren’t challenging to make, but they take a long time to make. You can use many different kinds of cracked stone bricks Minecraft to change your builds’ textures. Here we will show you what materials you need to make cracked stone bricks Minecraft, how to make stone bricks in Minecraft, the command for cracked stone bricks Minecraft, and what you can do with stone bricks themselves.

Materials to make cracked Stone Bricks in Minecraft

  • A regular stone is 4
  • Fireplaces
  • Plus Stonecutter

The first step in making stone bricks is to make regular stone blocks. This can be accomplished by cooking cobblestone blocks in your furnace. Regular stone blocks will be formed as a result. Stone blocks can be used to make stone bricks after you have regular stone blocks. The stonecutter is optional, but it gives you the option of making stone bricks one by one. You can also make four at once by placing four regular stone blocks together. 

How to make cracked Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

The first thing you need is some cobblestone. Each player in the world has more cobblestone than they can handle, but if you find yourself in a new world, gather some cobblestone by mining stones with a pickaxe. The crafting recipe can be skipped if you already have the silk touch pickaxe. 

After gathering enough cobblestone, if you do not have one already, you can make a furnace. Place eight cobblestone blocks in a crafting menu, leaving the middle space unoccupied. 

Put the cobblestone in the top slot and the fuel in the bottom slot after making your furnace. A wooden object, coal/charcoal, or even a bucket of lava can be used as fuel. You can also use most plant-based items as fuel. Smelt some of your cobblestones down into regular stone blocks regardless of what fuel you pick. 

After gathering enough regular stone blocks, you will need 4 for this recipe; you can make stone bricks from them. 

After completing this recipe four times, you will receive four stone bricks. A stonecutter can be used to make them one at a time if you prefer. An iron ingot and three regular stone blocks make a stonecutter. 

With the stonecutter’s UI, you can place a regular stone block in the leftmost slot, and you’ll see a few options open up to you on the left. 

Stone bricks can be made one at a time by clicking on the ones that appear next to your regular stone block. If you need less than a multiple of 4, this can save you some stone. When your furnace is finished, set it down and fill the top and bottom slots with cobblestone and fuel, respectively. Any wooden object, coal or charcoal, or even a pail of lava, can serve as your fuel. Most products made by plants also function. Whatever fuel you decide to use, smelt some of your cobblestones into standard stone blocks.

That’s how you make stone bricks in Minecraft. 

Usage of cracked Stone Bricks Minecraft

Stone bricks can be customized in several ways to look more attractive. The most common modification is to alter the appearance of the brick. It is possible to create stone brick slabs from stone bricks, as you can with most blocks.

  • Make six stone brick slabs by placing three stone bricks in a row on your crafting table. 
  • If you want to make one at a time, you may place a stone brick on the stonecutter’s interface. 
  • As with other blocks, you can also create stairs by placing them in ascending order, with 1 in the top row, 2 in the next, and 3 in the bottom row. This will result in 4 stairs from 6 bricks. Using a stonecutter is recommended if you want to build with a lot of these because each brick will give you one stair instead of 6 bricks for four stairs. The ratio will be better, and you can save some time by using a stonecutter. 
  • You can also make a stone brick wall on your crafting table by arranging two rows of 3 stone bricks. It is also possible to do this in a stonecutter, but it will not save you any stone brick efficiency like the stair recipe would. The stonecutter is better if you need one wall instead of six. 
  • Alternatively, you can do it old-fashioned by placing them on a crafting table.
  • In addition, you can place vines between your stone bricks to create an exciting effect. Using vines that you find in the overworld with stone bricks will make mossy stone bricks, giving the gray block a greenish hue. 
  • Like in the previous recipes, you can make slabs, stairs, and walls using mossy stone bricks. The only difference is that the stone bricks are replaced with mossy ones. Alternatively, you can use a stonecutter to make them one or two at a time. 
  • You can also create cracked stone bricks by placing stone bricks in your furnace. By melting stone bricks, you will get cracked stone bricks that add a bit of texture to your blocks. 
  • However, unlike the mossy stone bricks or regular stone bricks, this variant of stone bricks cannot be used for slabs, walls, or stairs. 
  • Lastly, you can change the design of the stone bricks themselves by crafting chiseled stone bricks. The first step to making chiseled stone bricks is to use stone brick slabs on a crafting table. As soon as you have two stone brick slabs, you can place them in a 2×1 column in a crafting menu to make a chiseled stone brick. 
  • That’s every recipe using stone bricks in Minecraft. It’s your choice whether you use them to build with, but I’ll leave that up to you. You can give a wooden house more dimension and texture by adding a pillar or roof of chiseled stone bricks. Regardless of what you decide, it is good to know that this stone block has many different uses.

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