Change Your Company Name

Do you want to know how to change your company name?  If you are worried about this, then we suggest you stay back and read this article till the end. 

As time has changed and simultaneously, the workplace has also changed, it is important to change your old company name and replace it with something attractive and apt to your business perspective.  

First, you need to know which type of name you should fix for your company. Well, this article will cover up the process of changing the business name and which type of name you should consider for your business.

So, let’s start. 

Complete Guide To Change Your Business Name

Here, we shared the complete steps you should follow to change your business name.

First Need To Conduct A  Board Meeting

A board meeting is the first step. To change your company name, you should conduct a board meeting where the management team, directors, executives, important shareholders, and board members need to participate.

 It is important to take an allowance from everybody in the company. A mutual board meeting can solve many problems for the company. 

Make sure that all members are present at the board meeting. It is crucial to authorize the director to make an application to check the availability of the new proposed company name.

Name Should be The companies Act

After deciding on the new name of the company, you now need to figure out that it is available for your company.

To find out this, you need to submit the application by the director of the company to the Ministry of Company Affairs.

Now MCA has the responsibility to approve the name and confirm to the company that the applied name can be applicable to your business.

MCA checks the guidelines of companies ACT and properly checks the government guidelines. Many of us have the question, “can you change your llc name”, let us answer this- “yees”, you need to follow some process.

If you have not gone through with this process, we highly recommend following the guidelines to secure your company policies towards the government.

Passed A Dedicated Resolution

Once the Ministry of Corporate Affairs approves the company name, the company needs to host a GM to pass a dedicated resolution.

This process is important to go through for changing your company name. See, the company name is just like if you change your name. Names represent identity.

This is the reason you need to go through some legal and formal processes to change your business name.

This dedicated resolution will help the company to set up the foundation of your company’s new memorandum and follow some necessary changes to the name without any problem.

Always remember that legal processes help to protect your company’s ]policies and identity.

Application For Approval

This is a significant thing to do. Don’t skip this process. Many companies skipped this step; as a result, the process of the company name changing would be delayed.

After the dedicated resolution is passed as well, you need to submit both an approved application of the company and a resolution to change the name of the company.

This process helps to register the new name of the company. Every registered company has all the data and tracks in the register.

It is important to inform the register to modify the data of your company, such as your company name.

Issue A New Certificate

This step is called the result step. You may understand this name-changing process is so long. You have to keep your patience because this is a legal process.

In this process, you get a new certificate if registration declares everything is alright. This is almost the last step in this process. Once you get the certificate, your new name of the company becomes official.

You can change your official website and

name. Don’t forget to change this. In your social media handle, you can share your new certificate knowing that you have changed the name of the company.

Final Step

We called it the last step as well as the most important step in this whole process. After changing the name of your company, you now need to edit every official document of your company.

These changes are necessary to complete the name changes process of your company.

Bottom Line

These are the processes you need to follow step by step to change the name of your company. As we previously said, don’t skip any step. Every step is connected to each other.

Well, this article has surely meet your queries; if you want to know more, you can ask by commenting below.

If you already follow these steps, please don’t forget to share your opinion if we miss out on anything. We would like to reconnect with you.

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