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There are no setup fees associated with athenahealth EHR. The implementation process typically takes four to six weeks. This time frame may be longer if you’re importing data from another platform. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative who will assist you throughout the process and provide ongoing support after your system has gone live.

AthenaHealth provides a differentiated healthcare experience:

AthenaHealth EHR provides medical practices with cloud-based electronic health records and medical practice management software. Its patient portal lets patients make appointments, schedule follow-up visits, and check prescription refills. Patients can even access the system to update their contact information and fill out intake forms in advance of their visit.

The athenahealth EHR solution helps physicians increase revenue and improve the patient experience. It integrates with daily workflows and provides fast, accurate medical coding and authorization management. It also helps providers better manage complex claims and denials. All of its features work seamlessly together to provide practices with a differentiated healthcare experience.

It is available as a cloud-based application and is fully customizable. Its benefits are immediate. It facilitates continuous data flow from healthcare practices to Athenahealth’s analytics center. The company employs a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping practices use the system effectively.

Athena offers a robust reporting module:

AthenaHealth’s reporting module allows users to view detailed reports weekly and monthly, with the ability to customize the data and filter it in any way. The powerful reporting module also allows users to leverage data-driven insights. The software provides detailed real-time reports based on analytics from its network of clinicians. The system also offers a new stand-alone health module that provides insights into financial performance.

AthenaHealth’s reporting module is one of the best features of the system. It gives users the ability to compare their practice’s performance to a benchmark set by the vendor’s network of more than one hundred thousand providers. Other features include the ability to customize appointment reminders and a messaging tool for patients.

It has an interoperability tool:

Athenahealth EHR offers an integrated software platform for healthcare practices. The platform includes a patient portal, a secure messaging tool that is HIPAA-compliant, and tools for medical records, revenue cycle management, and care coordination. These tools can help your practice improve patient engagement and satisfaction while increasing patient retention.

Athenahealth EHR offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions for healthcare organizations. It also provides a comprehensive suite of mobile medical reporting services. Its cloud-based EHR platform integrates with most other healthcare systems. The Athenahealth Developer Portal offers developers a step-by-step integration process.

AthenaHealth EHR has an interoperability tool that enables physicians and patients to communicate with one another via mobile and web applications. It also offers secure messaging and appointment scheduling. In addition, patients can use the app for financial bill-paying.

It requires a medical biller to handle charge posting:

In order to fully benefit from AthenaHealth’s medical billing services, you must maintain a medical biller on staff. This person will be responsible for charge posting and E&M code creation. Athenahealth EHR is moving toward RCM services, and your medical biller should be able to review and update ICD-10 and CPT codes as needed. Once you’ve made all the necessary changes, you can then submit your claims to AthenaHealth. Once your claims are processed, it typically takes three business days to be paid by the insurance company.

AthenaHealth’s medical billing service integrates with your practice management software. As a result, your medical practice will be able to access patient information and schedule appointments through the patient portal. The system also offers customizable weekly and monthly reports. In addition, AthenaCollector’s billing tools help you manage denials and rejections, while AthenaClinicals allows you to take notes easily.

It offers a community forum:

Athenahealth provides EHR software and practice management services. It recently went private, with Veritas Capital acquiring it in February 2019. The company had previously acquired Virence Health, a value-based care asset that GE Healthcare was trying to sell off. The two companies merged in 2018, but the company has been under pressure from Elliott Management since then. The hedge fund company said that it was undervaluing Athenahealth EHR.

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