Astrology’s roots can be traced back to the systematic investigation of the heavens, time measurement, and events association. These occur at the same time, not one after another. The ancient guy took a deeper look around him and saw consistent patterns.

The daily and nightly cycles preceded the yearly and seasonal cycles. The significance of this pattern gradually dawned on him, and he began to take advantage of it. Food storage for the winter and water storage for the wetter months are examples. The man’s focus gradually shifted to the stars, and he began to make connections between events on Earth and those in the cosmos.

Astrology’s Function in the 21st Century

The importance of astrology in Indian culture dates back centuries. What one should do and when one should do it to avoid or escape a difficult situation in life is context-dependent; speak to astrologers to know this. We have historical records to examine, our forefathers had access to the Vedas, and we may soon learn that there’s a whole school devoted to the study of astrology. The list of fields widely acknowledged as crucial to the writing process now includes astrology. Numerous disciplines within astrology have provided us with forecasts of the future. Reading them is the only way we can make sense of their calculations; online astrologers can help with it. . Understanding their phenomenon is the only way we can educate others about astrology, fruits, and the future. The procedure is not easy. To accomplish our goal, in-depth knowledge of the topic is required.

The Question of Astrology’s Mysteries and Validity

As astrology is based on the precise positioning of the planets and stars at the moment of birth, the results of this ancient event provide insight into the reliability of astrological predictions. The current placement and future trajectory of a person’s planet can tell much about that person’s life; an astrologer in India will help you with it. Based on your current planetary alignment, you can also find out which planets may pose obstacles in the future. The jaimini approach is another way to learn astrology.

Laying the foundation:

Maharishi Jaimini’s astrology is vastly different from that of Maharshi Parashar. In Parashari astrology, the Dasha is calculated using the positions of the constellations. However, nakshatras are not taken into account in Jaimini astrology. In this context, zodiac signs are used exclusively for astrological interpretation. Jaimini also points out that there is more than one condition present. Dasha, constant Dasha, pada Dasha, navamsha Dasha, etc., are the forms most commonly encountered in everyday conversation. One of the most well-liked substitutions is the enumerable dash. The Chara Dasha will be described for the first time below. Char Dasha refers to the significant dasha in the Jaimini calendar. Speak to astrologer online for more information.

During this dasha, you’ll learn about the Jaimini karaka, fixed elements, zodiac sign aspects, Dasha karma, Dasha karma duration, jasmine yoga, karakas Lagna, pada or arudh Lagna, upapada Lagna, etc.

In Jaimini Astrology, it is essential to accurately calculate all the planetary degrees, arts, villas, etc.

To do this, make a table with the degrees of the seven planets ordered from lowest to highest (descending order). A planet’s value will define its arrival time if the number of degrees and phases it goes through is the same.

When building a table, the planet with the highest degree would be placed at the very top. Then the planet with the next lowest degree should be written, and so on for the remaining planets.

Palmistry, numerology, Vaastu shastra, face reading, and so on are just a few of the numerous facets of astrology that can be used to gain insight into a person’s personality and trajectory in life. Their facial structure can discern an individual’s character and life path. Each person’s unique combination of facial features—including their nose, chin, eyes, eyebrows, lips, mouth, and so on—gives clues about their personality and life experiences. Astrologers online can guide you. 

  • A face cut’s circular shape indicates a person’s emotional state.
  • They have soft hearts and are easily persuaded.
  • Dedication to one’s work is often reflected in an oval face and a healthy body.
  • Someone with a triangle body shape is likely to be highly creative and have a fiery disposition.
  • The Squire’s dominant and analytical personality is suitable for their imposing appearance.
  • Leaders with square faces have a strong feeling of duty and authority, in addition to being humble and trustworthy.
  • Like the rest of the face, an aged nose can reveal a lot about a person’s resolve and capacity for independence.


Astrology aims to aid people by warning them of potential challenges and giving them tools to prepare for them.

Throughout Indian culture and daily life, astrology plays a significant role. We conferred with pandits to determine the most promising times of day for important life events like weddings and house moves.

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