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There is a lot to consider when moving house. Of course, we can’t guarantee that your move won’t be chaotic, but we can make it a little less chaotic for you. With these 10 handy packing tips, your things are guaranteed to arrive safely at their new destination. So what are you waiting for? Arrange necessary tools and protective packaging materials. Click here to buy them online going to move practical packing tips.

Tip 1: wrap dishes in towels:

One plus one equals two! Why not combine them? Make packages of two to three plates in a towel and seal them well with tape.

Tip 2: take pictures of cords

Photograph them with the accompanying devices before you pack them. This way, you don’t create a jungle of cords to which you no longer know which device they belong.

Tip 3: code your moving boxes

It is immediately clear to everyone where the box should go by clearly coding moving boxes. This can be done, for example, by means of colors or numbers. In addition, state whether there are breakable or fragile items in the box. A coding system provides structure and efficiency and makes moving a lot more practical.

Tip 4: make a separate box with stuff for the first day

Toothbrushes, pajamas, a clean set of clothes, and most importantly: toilet paper! Also handy: keep the coffee maker close at hand. This way, you can at least offer all your auxiliary troops a cup of coffee during the move. Moreover, pack your medicines in a chilled packaging box to maintain their temperature.

Tip 5: Place your plates vertically in the house box

Are you careful with your beautiful porcelain plates? Then place it vertically in the moving box. This makes the risk of breaking a lot smaller!

Tip 6: Never transport items you want to throw away at the same time as new items

Soon you will throw the wrong thing out of stress. Or – even better- make sure you have thrown away old things well before the move.

Tip 7: put your houseplant upright in an open moving box

Houseplants are sensitive and often damaged during a move, especially in winter. Therefore, place the plants upright in open moving boxes. You can use a newspaper to protect them from the cold. Garden centers also sell protective nets for large plants.

Tip 8: protect your belongings well

Styrofoam, bubble wrap, moving blankets, towels, sheets, and wrapping paper! These materials are the perfect match to protect your fine items during the move.

Tip 9: let your pet get used to the new space

Is your cat moving too? In the new house, put some familiar stuff from your pet in a separate room and let your four-legged friend get used to the new space.

Tip 10: save your cleaning supplies until the end

Pack cleaning supplies last for the big cleaning of your old house. This way, you can leave the old house fresh and fruity.

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