Android spy software
Android spy software

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I deactivated my Instagram account for a while as I thought I was wasting more time on useless browsing. It didn’t last long, so I was back after, I guess, two or three weeks. I activated the account, and as I was checking the newsfeed, there was this post with the trigger warning of suicide. The account Id looked familiar, and yes, because it was one of my college friends. Her 13-year-old committed suicide, and she had posted about that in detail.

He hung himself on his bunk bed using his favorite hoodie. The post was all about how parents trust the apparent good vibe of today’s kids and don’t talk to them as much as the parents of the older generation used to do. The fake life of social media makes it look all well until you are hit by such an incident. The child was being bullied at his school, and despite the consistent efforts of the parents and teachers, the bully was just suspended one time from the school.

No other action was taken to stop this harassment and bullying on the school grounds. They picked the kid for every little thing, and as much as the kid was a good pure soul, he tried until his last breath to become their friend ad resolve the issue. But he failed, and the last rescue he saw was an attempt at suicide.

He came back from school with bruises on his face. When her mother asked about it, he told him he fell in the school. Three days later, she found her hanging. They tried CPR, and emergency services also reached in time in a way that his heart started beating after a few minutes. But those few minutes did the damage. He could not make it in the end. The post was all about raising awareness and standards of healthy mental health among the people around. I clicked on the kid’s profile, and yes, no one could imagine by watching his posts that he was struggling with mental health or bullying. He liked sports and was a football team member as well.

So all the posts showed an enthusiastic sportsman. The mother also urged the parents to take extra measures to know about what is real is happening in the teenager’s life and don’t just rely on digital posts. She also recommended the use of OgyMogy Android spy software as parental control to know about the kid’s reel and real life. I researched the technology, and my first instinct was that I should get it right away. So before getting the app, I did a thorough research about it and how it can help in raising awareness and information about mental health and suicide.

  • According to discovery, reports only 30% of teenagers suffering from depression and mental health problems to get treatment.

Here I what every parent must focus on while using Android spy software like the OgyMogy.

  • The best thing about using the Android spy software is that it can tell you a lot about what your kid is going through in their life.
  • The mic bug feature can help the parents know about any bullying or harassment incidents faced by the kid. Parents can listen to the kid and company’s chat and voices through the gadget mic remotely.
  • You can save the proof of any such incident and can report it to the law implanting authorities with the camera bug feature of the Android spy software the OgyMogy.
  • Another excellent feature, i.e., IM and social media monitoring app features, can tell the truth about the so-called personal chatbox. You can remotely spy on text messages and can track the presence of any bully. Take action right away and don’t wait, considering it is something the teenagers will tackle themselves.  

Android spy software offers a long list of features, such as parental control, that notifies about the unfiltered truths about the kid’s life. You can use the app in multiple ways to get close to your kid and find out about any secret. The app notifications can also help the parents to solve any unforeseen situation or problem, which in normal circumstances will be kept secret from the parents and the kids.

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