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Beas Kund has continuously been a far-famed trek around Manali.  After all, it takes you right to the supply of the stream that flows through the city. (You may have followed the exact same river upstream while getting into Manali!)

But one in every explanation trekkers love this trek is that the setting. 

The contrastive sight of this serene water body close in between jagged mountain peaks of Pir Panjal adds to the wonder of his setting.

Standing here, there’s additionally a keen sense of being close to the supply of the raging stream you see within the valley below. This emerald kund branches off into streams, tumbling waterfalls right till it converges into the boiling Beas stream.

As is the case with every stream that feeds a civilisation or settlements close to it, the Beas Kund is additionally associated with legend.

It is believed that Rishi Vyas, who wrote the mahabharata took his daily bath during this lake. It’s attainable that the term Beas Kund has been derived from Vyas, the sage; and Kund, a lake.

This combination of massive snowy summits towering higher than you, the foliage of the grasslands, and also the lake attracts everybody to this trek.

While this trek is done by beginners, we’d advise preparation. The climb from around 8000 foot within the starting of the trek to over 12,000 feet isn’t any mean deed.

About Beas river

Beas is one of the foremost widespread rivers within the Himalayas. most likely as a result of it flows through several picturesque locations – a number of that are developed into traveller destinations, such as Manali.

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The stream is believed to have been named once the Rishi Ved Vyas. It passes through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab before merging with the Sutlej stream at Harike (Punjab). Beas takes in water from many mountain range tributaries throughout its course and develops a huge body with a drainage basin of 20,303 sq km, and a length of 470 kilometre.

Beas stream solang valley manali

River Beas at Solang valley

The stream beautifies 2 most scenic valleys within the Himalayas – the Kullu valley and also the Kangra valley. 

It nourishes many cities and cities that fall close to its course. Some folks believe crossing Beas was the most important hurdle for Alexander’s invasion of Asian nation. Reaching the origin of such a big stream is fascinating.

What makes the whole trek therefore tempting is its dreamy landscape. The trek to Beas Kund unfolds across huge and delightful meadows that are choked with varied wild plants and flowers. From rare medicinal herbs to exotic mushrooms, you may see spectacular flora solely inside some kilometres of the trek, if you retain an observant eye. 

Let’s currently dive into the small print of the trek and what you would like to understand before embarking on that.


Beas Kund is settled at twelve,140 ft. higher than water level in Kullu valley. Grasslands and snowy mountains of Pir Panjal vary enfold this glacial lake. The trek starts from Dhundi (21kms from Manali) or from Solang valley, about 13kms from Manali. The road to Dhundi is motorable, therefore you’ll prefer to drive until there then begin the hike.

Beas Kund trek 

This beauty enhances as you climb more up the path

Why do the Beas Kund Trek?

It is one in every of the easy/short treks around Manali that shows you the wide  views of the Pir Panjal vary.

It is a beginner level trek that brings you nearer to glaciers, glacial lakes, and high peaks.

Tracing a stream to its supply is fascinating because it causes you to trod on uncommon landscapes.

Best time to go to Beas Kund

May is that the time once the snow melts enough to clear the path however leaves enough ice-laden pathways to tread.

From time period to July-end may be a blast to travel for Beas Kund trek.

You should avoid August and also the initial days of Sept once significant monsoon lashes these components of Himalayas. 

Mid-September to October-end is chilly here however still an honest time to chart this course before winter sets in. professional trekkers try this throughout winter additionally, once many feet of snow covers the whole stretch. However, that’s not best for beginner level trekkers as obstacles flip difficult throughout that amount.

Beas Kund trek, Dhundi

During significant rains the path gets difficult

Trek length

It is a 2 to 3 days trek and may be well accommodated throughout an extended weekend. Some trekkers have intercourse in a very single day (from Dhundi to Dhundi). It entirely depends on what proportion you select to steer in a very day and whether or not you wish to require your time whereas enjoying the environment. If time may be a constraint and you’re a decent footer, it’s accomplishable in a very day.

Reach Base of Trek

Manali is the base destination for this trek. It’s well connected with most major cities by road and air. If you’re travelling from the urban centre, long buses often ply that reach Manali by early morning (between 6:30 am to nine am), once a journey of just about thirteen hours.

Bhuntar (50kms from Manali) in Kullu valley contains a domestic field that receives flights from Delhi and Chandigarh.

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