Live Streaming


With the help of social media platforms, some of the best live streaming services have become very popular among audiences across the globe. This is because in fact, no account creation is required.

Live streaming your event does not ensure your increment in the number of target viewers. Always try to ensure that what are your objectives & your event should be streamed live or not.

There is a possibility that your event can be converted to a short edited video which is of much use. Live Streaming offers an immersive viewing experience to your audience without any retakes & edits in real-time.

Before diving deep, a checklist should be prepared in advance to ensure everything is delivered with quality & efficiency.

In this blog, we will discuss live streaming and its working procedure in brief. Along with this, we will also be guiding you to host your live event & checklist preparation tips to host a successful live streaming virtual event.

Live Streaming & Its Working 

Live Streaming 

Live streaming is very much different from subscription video on demand. Because in SVOD, all the content-related files are sent from a remote location over the internet for viewing. Netflix, Prime, etc. thus all fall in this category. 

The working of live streaming is such that the video is broadcasted with the help of live streaming service providers over the internet from a single source to more than 100s viewers.

According to recent figures, more than 45 % of the users have increased their live streaming usage as compared to the previous year. Live streaming has become an authentic way to interact with customers & making your audience reach wider across the globe.

Live streaming provides viewing in real-time which is more real & natural as compared to the edited video which is polished before sending over the internet. The audience feels more connected by streaming in real time.


As we know that it is a medium for broadcasting your event to an online audience. It is the most popular alternative to in-person methodologies like selling tickets & much more. 

Live streaming is widely used in hosting different types of events such as sporting tournaments, awards shows, etc. Live streaming platforms allow their organizers to stream their content over the internet with a customized viewing experience.

The work of service providers is to broadcast that live video on different applications or web browsers without the same being downloaded or recorded on the user end.

Easy Steps to Live Stream Your Event 

Here is a step-by-step guide to hosting your successful live event-

Planning Your Streaming 

  • Before hosting any event, proper planning should be done for better execution of the efforts.
  • Right from selecting the venue or place, the audience, instruments requirements, service providers, etc. all the key elements should be planned in advance.
  • You have to select the category of your event. Whether it is related to business promotion, creation of brand awareness, or something else.
  •  Then you have to decide where your stream will go live. In other words, you have to choose the best live streaming service that delivers high-quality video to its audience.

Select your Platform 

  • The platform should be selected by noting down its features, budget & any extra element which makes it different from the rest ones.
  • It also depends on the type of audience you are targeting & your main objectives as an output from the event.
  • You can go for some free platforms like – Youtube Live, Instagram Live, etc. which offer free-of-cost services with maximized audience reach.
  • You can either opt for paid services like – Zoom, Dreamcast, Hotstar, etc. to host your live stream with more versatile customizable options.

Selection of Equipment 

  • This ultimately depends on your budget & audience requirements. You can consider how professional you want your sound quality to be.
  • You can opt for any mobile device with a tripod stand or laptops etc. 


  • This can be easily done by the creation of proper landing pages. These landing pages thus collect user data and provide valuable insights.
  •  Promotion should be done one month in advance to the date of happening of your live stream. You can also use social media channels like – Facebook, Instagram etc. to promote your live session.

Checklist for a Successful Live Stream Event 

Here are some of the tips which can help you in hosting your successful live stream session – 

Working on the Edge 

  • Sounds complicated? Well, this basically means bringing everything close to your users.
  • You can look for those options that actually complement your existing infrastructure investment.
  • You can use VPN servers, TLS protection, and much more to safeguard your stream.

Creating a Backup Team 

  • You can create a team of stakeholders who can help you instantly in case of any technical glitch during the ongoing event.
  • With the help of the best live streaming service providers, you get features like – dedicated 24/7 support & any type of technical advice for the smooth running of your live session.  

Defining Streaming Goals

  • Questions like why you are live streaming, parameters of a successful streaming session etc. should arise and answer by you.
  • You should analyze your audience and their taste & interests.

Planning of the Live Stream 

  • This starts with selecting the broadcaster which is best suited for your event.
  • You can then go for selecting the tone, subject & dress code if required.
  • Select a moderator for answering possible questions & comments that arise during the live session.

Scheduling your Event 

  • Select a perfect day with proper research on which day most traffic can be directed to your live event.
  • You can then pick up the best slot for the day like – between 2 pm- 5 pm or something related to that for increasing the viewer rate.

Summing Up

With the help of these tips,  quality live streaming can be delivered with great efficiency to our viewers. Live stream has now become backbone of the event & business industry. We should more focus on providing quality content with maximum audience engagement.

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