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In Pakistan’s real estate industry, Rudn Enclave is a big thing. The purpose of the society is to transform elite extravagance on an international and national scale. The total area of the Rudn Enclave is 3000 Kanal in Islamabad. This real estate project is capturing the attention of many investors as it is one of the kinds of real estate projects in the city’s heart.

Most people consider Rudn Enclave a housing society, but there are many things investors and potential investors should know about the Rudn Enclave. In this article, we will discuss 7 small but important things about the Rudn Enclave that all should know. So, let’s move toward these important things.

Rudn Enclave Location

The first and most important thing you must observe about the Rudn Enclave is its location. The location of the housing project is ideal as it offers easy access to many popular landmarks of the city. The society is on Main Adyala Road Rawalpindi near Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Bahria Town Phase-8, and National Highway N-5. The main point that most people do not know is that the society is also accessible from the Recently developed Ring Road Rawalpindi.

Furthermore, the distance between the society from the Islamabad farmhouses and Jarrar Camp is only a few minutes by car. In addition, the society also has proximity to the Ring Road, which is also easily accessible from the New International Airport Islamabad. So, Rudn Enclave Location is the best from all perspectives.

Project Authentication

The second important thing that people should know about the project is that Rudn Enclave is an authentic project. It is a genuine project, and the most reliable dealers in the country are handling this project. Earlier, the NOC of the society was not approved, but now Rudn Enclave NOC has approved the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is a new housing project known as service-oriented due to its contemporary architecture.

RMRSCO and NESPAK are the owners and developers of this housing project. We all know that NESPAK is a well-known construction company and a government organization in the country. There are various successful projects of the NESPAK. So, no one can deny the authenticity of the owners and developers. In addition, it is not only a leading development company in the country but also has its roots in Africa and Asia. So, the involvement of these companies in the project validates its legitimacy.

Rudn Enclave Installment Plans

The developers of the Rudn Enclave offer the best and simplest installment plans not only for realtors but also for investors. You can get a 7-Marla residential plot in this housing society for Rs. 1,500,000. Also, the Rudn Enclave Payment Plan offers 48 easy installments that cost 21,875 per installment.

If we talk about the cost of 10 Marla residential plots, it is available at 2,165,000 Rs with a single installment of 31,573 Rs. Next comes the residential plot of 1 Kanal with a total cost of 3,528,000 Rs. It also has 48 installment plans, with the first installment of 51,450 Rs. The costs of all plots are low so that the developers can build a trusting relationship with their investors.

The development in society is at its peak, which means that over time the investors get the plots and residences in the housing scheme.

The next important thing that attracts investors to Rudn Enclave is that it is a legal project. RDA and all other regulatory authorities have approved the project, which means it is safe for any development and construction. So, all the development is being done on the lawfully assigned land. Society is free from any legal concern after the grant of the No Objection Certificate.

Continuity of Utility Supply

Now, after the approval of the No Objection Certificate, the society is government-approved. It means that now the owners can provide all the basic facilities and amenities to the residents without any restriction. There is an up-to-date and proper drainage system. In addition, there is a continuous supply of gas, water, and electricity, making it a deserving and desirable society for your hard-earned money.

There are underground channels in the housing scheme to provide these basic utilities. In addition, the developers are taking initiatives such as tree planting sidewalk expansion that will work more smoothly without the restrictions of power cables. In addition, the underground channel of wires prevents accidents, fires, and power outages. Road safety features also improve as there are fewer chances of motor strikes as the poles are not exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

Rudn Enclave Master Plan

The next reason to invest in the housing project is the Rudn Enclave Master Plan, which covers everything for everyone. The master plan offers plots for all income investors, whether they belong to the middle or upper class. So, we can say that investment in the Rudn Society ensures a better future.

Secure Gated Community

The last but not the least point you need to consider and observe in the Rudn Enclave is that it is a secure and gated community. We all know that the security of life is important for everyone, and all want a secure and safe life for themselves and their children. There are guards at the gate entrance, and there are CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance. So, you can get the best in one place.


This article discusses the most important things you need to observe in a housing society like Rudn Enclave, Citi Housing Kharian, and others. These are all the best things that make society worth the investment. So, whenever you invest in a real estate project, know that society is worth your hard-earned money. In addition, always consult with reliable investors such as Sapphire Properties to get the best investment options.

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