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The escape room movie sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions was a great hit among fans. The film showcased the challenges faced by the characters Zoey and Ben after they survived the first escape room battle. But soon, they discover that they are again trapped in the vicious circle of the Minos Corporation. 

The movie starts with the realization that Ben and Zoey have been trapped in the game with other previous escape game-winners. And it is again the test for survival of the fittest. This movie was not just an adventurous ride but also showcased the lives of different people being interlinked by technology.  

7 Life Lessons Learned from Escape Room Movie
Excape Room

7 Life Lessons Learned from Escape Room Movie 

The movie showcased very intricately how technology and the human brain can come together to create a masterpiece. The outstanding visual effects of the film were no less than experiencing an actual escape room in real life. And just as it is with real-life escape rooms, this experience, too, had its own share of learnings. 

Let’s take a look into the 7 important life lessons that the audience can learn from Escape Room- Tournament of Champions (Warning: spoilers ahead!) 

Creative Thinking 

One of the greatest teachings of escape room movies is that it opens the doors of creative thinking for you. With just limited time in hand, and so many tasks to perform, you have to look for the best possible way to solve the puzzles. This brings out your hidden creative side and forces you to look for solutions from a different angle. 

For example, when the train compartment all the previous winners riding got separated from the rest of the train, the players looked for innovative ways to escape the trap. Zoey and Ben collected the tokens and managed to escape. This is how escape rooms test you in real-life scenarios and brings out your best creative side.  

Time Management 

Let’s suppose you are locked in a room with multiple clues, and the clock is ticking. What will be your first approach to solve the mission? You will try to look through every clue and get done with the tasks in minimum time.   

Escape rooms ignite you to look for clues and solve them in just the given time. It tests how well you can manage your time efficiently. 

When the group of escapees reached the second room in the movie, instead of choosing to wait, they managed to decipher the complex route and get around the lasers to escape within a limited time. Similarly, you and your team have to divide the clues amongst yourself and ensure that you go through every possible detail to figure out the solution. This is a great way to learn time management and apply it in real life too. 

Conquering Your Fear 

One of the most important teachings of the escape room movie was to conquer your fears. If you want to do something, you will have to go all-in for it. If you feel there is something required to go to the next level of the game, you will have to go for it, just like when Nathan took the brave step to bet his life and save Rachel.  

This mentality helps you to get out of your comfort shell and move ahead to explore more things. The more you get acquainted with new things, the more you will understand how to master stress and fear. 

It makes you Communicate Better

The best deal about the escape room movie is that it taught us the importance of communication. It does not just help you stay confident and react to different scenarios properly but also teaches you how to make things done with team effort.  

One great instance of this was the effortless communication between Zoey and Ben that helped them escape the room in the first go. Good communication skills are a must in real life because it helps you reduce awkwardness, ease interaction with people, and boost up your confidence. Without communication, you cannot mingle with fellow human beings or make friends. And no man can survive all alone in this escape room called life. 

It makes you Communicate Better

Team Spirit 

This is a very obvious point which is the key aspect of any escape room in general. These games can instill strengths that are fit for both a leader and a team player. You learn to be patient with each other and work around your individual strengths and weaknesses to achieve something as a team together. It was only possible for Zoey to escape the game because of the help and sacrifices of her teammates.  

Enhanced Concentration 

One of the driving forces of the plot was the players’ focus on the end goal to escape the simulation. Though the narrative placed a very high consequence of life and death into action to justify this iron determination, in a real escape room, the scenario is often the same, though the consequences are nowhere near as severe. The players in the movie placed their full concentration on solving a single room and saving their lives instead of getting ahead of themselves or giving up in despair.  

In real life, too, this is something that propels you forward in every aspect. The truth is that every moment in life comes with a risk of the unknown. But it is only when you focus on the present situation that you can have a chance to move ahead.  


Near the end of the movie, Zoey and Rachel escape their way out, but they soon realize that they are still in the game and have to adjust to the challenges again to escape. Life throws you curveballs consecutively like this. It is unfair, but it is also inevitable. Developing an adjusting and resourceful approach to the smaller things could help you arrive at solutions much more efficiently and quickly.  

It is true that art imitates life. This escape room movie, though labeled under the genre of science fiction, actually encapsulates many real-life lessons through the course of its actions. We tried to sift out some of them with the help of a deeper perspective. You might see something else of value there as well. So, get your popcorn bowls ready. It is time for some cinematic critical thinking!

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