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People had a great time voting for their favorite baking blogs in this year’s annual roundup. At the reputed brands they have a genuine passion for baking. Online pastry delivery is the best way to taste the most trending flavors of this season. Some of the trending top 10 baking blogs to follow in 2023 are mentioned below. These are some of their favorites, although many others should be here.

1. Joy, the Baker

A native of California, Joy now calls Louisiana home. She has a serious passion for cooking and eating. She claims that baking first sparked her interest in food photography and book writing. Joy’s baked goods can be contacted through her New Orleans-based studio. 

Her blog is called “Joy the Baker,” so it’s no surprise that she has a passion for baking, and it’s full of great recipes and tips that will impress your friends and family. These strawberry shortcake doughnuts are a fan favorite and for a good reason.

2. Brown-eyed Baker, Michelle

Where it’s “wonderful to eat dessert first!” is at The Brown Eyed Baker. Michelle from The Brown Eyed Baker is one of Kitchen Authority’s favorite pastry chefs because of her delicious sweets.

3. The Cinnamon-Sugar Izy Hossack Top

Izy Hossack’s Top With Cinnamon is another must-read from our ongoing collection of excellent food blogs. Izy, a native Londoner with a background in food science and nutrition from Leeds University, founded Top With Cinnamon.

4. “Bake and Destroy” by Natalie Slater

No one can deny that Natalie Slater is a fantastic baker and that she has focused her blog on veganism since 2011. Though she makes it plain that she has no interest in cooking with animal products or alcohol, her meals are usually delicious, and she has a wide range of skills. 

The vegan cherry pie recipe (round two) she claims was inspired by her love of punk rock and heavy metal made us nod our heads in approval, if not out loud.

5. Half-Baked Harvest by Tieghan Gerard

Tieghan is a foodie.  As one of nine children, they celebrated every meal together. Even though she’s a chef, she doesn’t consume all the food she makes. Half Baked Harvest emphasizes seasonal dishes prepared with local, natural foods, so you may need to explore the site to find today’s great supper.

6. Fresh Baked Goods from Nadia

Great cuisine is a universal joy. Nadia was born in Pakistan but lived in Riyadh. Despite this, she’s my favorite baker. Bake Fresh has charm, according to them. Nadia’s IT job wouldn’t be obvious if you didn’t know her. Her ultra-moist carrot cake was lauded as a culinary masterpiece.

7. Makeovers That Won’t Make You Sick, Gluten-Free Edition by Beth Hillson

Beth Hillson is a highly talented baker who writes a blog with a unique focus: making gluten-free versions of traditional recipes. Here’s the spot to get help coping with celiac disease. We found her directions to be extremely clear and helpful, and her cookbook Gluten-Free Makeovers is available on Amazon if you need a handy reference in the kitchen.

8. Victoria Pease’s Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding

Victoria says she lives with confectioners’ sugar, cocoa powder, and self-raising flour. Her interesting food photos are taken with a point-and-shoot. Victoria’s site has several healthy options, like the Vegan Milk Bar Birthday Cake.

9. Nick Malgieri

We were beginning to feel like we were being when compiling our list of great baking bloggers, but then we found Nick Malgieri. The James Beard Book Award was given to Nick for his works. For breakfast, this may be the best food ever.

10. Yossy Arefi’s Apartment 2B Baking Co.

There are certain people whose brilliance seeps out of every orifice, and Yossy Arefi’s baking is one of those things. Her debut cookbook, Sweeter Off The Vine, can be found on Amazon, and she works as a food photographer, food stylist, and Baker. Yossy’s creations are adored not just for their deliciousness but also for their aesthetic appeal.

Thousands of delicious-looking recipes can be found in the many excellent baking blogs that can be found here. Decide how often you want to experiment with new recipes like pastry birthday cake, whether once a week or once a month. You’ll have more time to try out different flavors and dishes by keeping things basic.

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